IS MAYOR “VAX-MANDATE” BRUEN A DEADBEAT OR A FACEBOOK? Has The Hollywood Newcomer Exposed the City of Ridgecrest to Covid 19? Where Did He Come From? Where Did He Go? So Many Questions…

Like Covid, The Ridgecrest City Council Clown-Show Continues”

Sorry folks, there’s no end in sight and we have many questions. “You have the freedom to go someplace else” — Mayor Eric Bruen

June 25, 2022 UPDATE See Below

Ridgecrest, California “The Most Patriotic City in America”

On June 1st 2022, the Ridgecrest City Council presented one of many (we assume) “Keys to the City” to a previously unknown local resident named Renee Westa-Lusk.

Ms. W-L has recently popped up as a recurring caller to the City Council meetings and is member of the Indian Wells Valley Groundwater Authority’s “PAC” committee. Now she’ll be known as the person who knowingly exposed the entire “community” of Ridgecrest to Covid.

The Clown Show Continues in the City of Ridgecrest. Pictured: Renee Westa-Lusk with Covid 19 and the Ridgecrest City Council, June 1, 2022 Key to the City presentation.

Ridgecrest’s twin gadflys, former mayor Peggy Breeden and Eric “VAX-MANDATE” Bruen, have certainly exposed many residents unless they were in quarantine (very unlikely). Councilman Kyle Blades returned our call and to his knowledge, nobody became infected as a result of exposure to Renee Westa-Lusk at the June 1st council meeting.

Why didn’t Renee Westa-Lusk call in to the City Council meeting on June 16th instead of waiting to make her announcement at the GA PAC meeting held on June 23rd? So nobody would hear about it, but we did…

“City Manager Ron Strand spoke out in favor of following Newsom’s rules.”

For more information, please see Stephens mulls defying Newsom’s COVID orders; Strand and Suver advise ‘no’ in The Daily Independent, by Jessica Weston Aug 8, 2020 Updated Sep 2, 2021

We assume, for purposes of this Post, that RWL and the entire City Council are triple-vaxxed with the safe and effective mRNA experimental gene therapy and therefore they won’t get Covid. Renee Westa-Lusk isn’t so Luscky and she’s been sick for over a month. Maybe she should call Mr. Suver, CEO at Ridgecrest Regional Hospital for a booster.

We’ve been wondering where the Mayor is hiding. With no Facebook posts on his hometown Hollywood page or his Mayor page since June 3, he was last heard from while riding in a car during the last City Council Meeting held on June 16th (Update: NO Brown Act violation? OK whatever, covid emergency)* It looks like the Mayor is looking for a new skirt to hide behind, and RWL is the ideal candidate to replace either Breeden, who’s termed-out, or Dr. Scott Hayman the Chiropractor, who’s worn out his welcome.

*We attempted to contact the CEO of Desert Valley’s Federal Credit Union from Hollywood, Eric A. Bruen, and have received no response. We’re told he’s on vacation. Brown Act changes are due to emergency declarations by the Tyrant Gavin “Nation State” Newsom, therefore Covid exceptions loosely applied means that absent members of the Council may call in without pre-filing a 72 hour notice with the City Clerk. Previously, absent members had to pre-file a 72 hour notice and be in a stated public place during the meeting.

**Mr. Bruen certainly isn’t complying with the spirit and intention codified in the Brown Act.

performative pər-fôr′mə-tĭv adjective

  1. Relating to or being an utterance that performs an act or creates a state of affairs by the fact of its being uttered under appropriate or conventional circumstances, as a justice of the peace uttering I now pronounce you husband and wife at a wedding ceremony, thus creating a legal union, or as one uttering I promise, as a Mayor of Ridgecrest uttering “I now present you with a Key to the City”, thus performing the act of promising.
  2. Being enacted as it is said.

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition. More at Wordnik

Ridgecrest has a Public Safety Issue

During the presentation of the Key to Ridgecrest to Ms. W-L, Mayors B&B were quick to give RWL (and themselves) credit for saving China Lake from the earthquakes as well as bringing sterile corporate fast food chains with two lane drive thrus to an already saturated fast food market! Just kidding.

The elitist NAWS-trash came on hot and heavy at the June 1st meeting just as news was coming out that 1,000 Navy personnel were being separated by the Navy for refusing to take the jab, calling them “vaccine denial separations”. Please mention this tidbit to IWV-EDC in order to make clear that recruitment and retention is no longer needed in the woke U.S. Navy.

It’s time for a major RIF (civilian) at NAWS China Lake anyway, the value just isn’t there and the place costs taxpayers a fortune. It’s really not a Navy base with sailors and assets such as actual uniformed military personnel. It looks like NAWS will become a “virtual” base with drone swarms delivering ordnance and pilots working from home in their underwear from Point Magu.

Anonymous Roadrunner

It also looks as though the City’s “relationships” have gone sour just as Starbucks is getting old, and it appears that both of them (B&B) have been eating too many double quarter pounders, the favs over at the RACVB. And don’t forget that the Ridgecrest Chamber of Commerce moved to Colorado.

Last but not least, the Ridgecrest Police Department is now down to only 21 officers with 15 un-filled positions due to “uncompetitive salaries”. Ok.

Ridgecrest IS Anything but Ordinary.

“You have the freedom to go someplace else” — Eric A. Bruen

While we await word of RWL’s fully masked and gloved announcement that she’s recovered and ready to run for Ridgecrest City Council, we’re looking forward to the series of campaign events being held on behalf of Mr. Bruen, who announced his re-election campaign 3 months early in order to get a jump on any local upstarts. The Mayor is also famous for telling the “community” that “you have the freedom to go someplace else” if you don’t like mandated vaccines by government or “private businesses”, including his Desert Valley’s Federal Credit Union and RIDGECREST REGIONAL HOSPITAL (a for-profit business). Really?

Also known as the Chairman of the Board of Ridgecrest Inc. (aka President and CEO of DESERT VALLEY’S FEDERAL CREDIT UNION, we can’t say that in all-caps enough), Mayor Bruen is using his minions on the City Council to run around town recruiting people like RWL to run for City Council (or Mayor) as they spread Covid.

We can only say, go for it RWL!

For more information on Federal Vax Mandates, please see “Feds: YOU must be vaxxed — but WE don’t have to be”

(Apologies to the poor “staff” of City Manager Ron Strand, CEO of Ridgecrest Inc. and Eric A. Bruen, Chairman of the Board)

The Two Facebooks of Eric A. Bruen, Mayor of Ridgecrest and the Newcomer From North Hollywood

buffoon bə-foo͞n′ noun

  1. A clown; a jester.
  2. A person given to clowning and joking.
  3. A ludicrous or bumbling person; a fool.

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition. More at Wordnik

It’s me!

Ridgecrest deserves to have a good laugh after nearly 2 years of Mayor Bruen’s pathetically performative dribble and the City Council’s ongoing attacks on the IWV Water District (and it’s citizen-residents).

  • Husband, Father, Son, Friend, Credit Union Advocate, and Star Wars Fanatic.
  • Studied Business Management Techniques at California State University Channel Islands
  • Lives in Ridgecrest, California (For how long?)
  • From North Hollywood, California (When did he move to Ridgecrest?)
  • Kids go to private school. (Where?)
  • Does he own his home in Ridgecrest or is he a renter? Dad’s place?
  • Take that SSUSD-IWVEDC-B. Farris Sr.-Dr. Ostash from Orange County. (Measure C Bond Failure)
  • Lost a page of his big 3 page speech at the Flag parade (in front of Congressman McCarthy!)
  • No Workplaces to show (Hollywood Facebook)
  • Friend of Mitt Romney?!? WTF!! (Rejected friend request by an Anonymous Roadrunner)

Publisher’s Note: This is all you need to know, i.e. why our Mayor knows nothing about Groundwater, the Indian Wells Valley or the City of Ridgecrest. He’s a newcomer and he’s ignorant about “water” but admittedly invests in it. Ask this man for some investment advice.

Timeline of Performative Events (What did they know and when did they know it?)

May 25th, Renee isn’t feeling well.

May 26th, HEADLINE News in The Daily (LOL) Independent “RWL to receive Key to City”

May 28th, Renee has a fever and is really sick.

June 1st 2022, Renee Westa-Lusk, fully masked with paper mask, receives Key to the City and spreads Covid germs everywhere. Mayor Bruen continues displaying his clownsmanship skills.

June 2nd, MORE HEADLINE NEWS in The Daily (LOL) Independent “RWL receives Key to City”

June 23rd, Renee makes Public Comment at the IWVGA PAC meeting and takes 5 minutes to explain the timeline of her illness to IWVGA PAC Committee chairman Dave Janeic. Renee still sick.

OMG RWL HAS COVID! This is why the IWVGA PAC is such a JOKE June 23, 2022 Meeting Video starts with Public Comment by Renee Westa-Luck.

Notice how Dave Janiec, the Chairman, refuses to acknowledge Judy Decker’s objection to Rene Westa-Luck making public comment while she is a committee member. What does her case of COVID have anything to do with the PAC or GA and why does she feel the need to make public comments about her sickness?

Nice job Dave!

The Two Facebooks of Eric A. Bruen, Mayor of Ridgecrest and Newcomer to the Indian Wells Valley

“I Love! Love! Love! this Community” (And it’s money – “Build like Hell”, “Annexation”)

Eric A. Bruen from North Hollywood, California. Do you trust this man? We wouldn’t lend him a nickle.

Ridgecrest’s City Manager and Former Police Chief Crosses the Line, It’s Time for Mr. Ron Strand to Retire from “Public Service”


ADDED 6/19/2022: The City of Ridgecrest City Manager should remove himself from all aspects of administration or management of the IWVGA and be reprimanded for making public comment as a public official at the June 9, 2022 IWVGA meeting. The City Council has a representative on the Board of the Groundwater Authority for that purpose, and Mr. Strand was not authorized to comment on the Policy Advisory Committee Recommendation that was approved at the cost of $60,000 to be paid to RGS for Community Engagement. Mr. Strand is not “staff” of the IWVGA, if he is, he should say so.

Department of Water Resources SGMA Implementation

Paul Gosselin, Deputy Director, Statewide Groundwater Management

Basin 6-054 — Indian Wells Groundwater Authority GSP Corrective Action 1

Mike Sinnott

Public Official Ron Strand Debates and Promotes Facebook at the IWV Groundwater Authority during the Public Comment period at the last GA meeting.

Thanks but No Thanks to Facebook

Mr. Strand, you can keep your wastewater.

Anonymous Roadrunner

Did We Say Wastewater??

Check this out! Shhh! (Secret City) “Kevin McCarthy’s Hat Trick”

Then There’s This

And Who Can Forget This?

And This

This Takes the Cake

We couldn’t resist bringing this up again (Ridgecrest’s “welcome center”)

Maybe it’s time for a little humor? (See above Video)

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