CITY OF RIDGECREST FLOPS on JULY 4th, We Breathlessly Await Renee Westa-Lusk’s Explanation About Spreading Covid at a Key to the City Ceremony

Pictured Above, June 1st 2022 City Council Meeting, Key to the City presentation to masked Renee Westa-Lusk, six days after she began feeling sick.


Ridgecrest Rocks! Flops!

July 2, 2022 – Ridgecrest July 4th Celebration: Last minute funding from the City of Ridgecrest enabled the Desert Empire Fair to hold the annual fireworks show over by the dog kennels.

Sorry, Ridegecrest is closed on July 4th. NO 4th of July festivals or parades are planned by the City of Ridgecrest. A short fireworks display will terrify the dogs at the Ridgecrest animal shelter at 9:00 p.m. on July 2nd. Mayor Bruen, CEO of Desert Valley’s Federal Credit Union, a for-profit-non-profit corporation, claims the City can’t affored to pay police officers overtime but funded the fireworks show at the Desert Empire Fair*, which is managed by an Executive Director* who’s also a Board Member of the Desert Valley Federal Credit Union, an “agriculture” association-corporation.

Desert Empire Fair’s Mission: “To serve as a well-managed, safe, multi-purpose, year-round facility which meets the diverse educational, recreational, economic, social and entertainment needs of the residents and communities of the 53rd District Agricultural Association.

520 South Richmond Road
Ridgecrest, CA 93555
(760) 375-8000 • Fax (760) 375-8134
Darrell Eddins, President
Howard Laire, Vice President

Jim Kight, Director. Douglas Lueck, Director. Ray Hocker, Director. Bob Beecroft, Director.

(2) Vacant , Directors
Chip Holloway, Executive Director (also a Board of Director on Desert Valley’s Federal Credit Union.)

The show will be held on Saturday, July 2nd and not Monday, the 4th of JulyThe City’s 4th of July “celebration” follows a dismal month and a half for the City’s Mayor Bruen and former Mayor Peggy “Mealy Mouth” Breeden as well as Councilman Scott Hayman. See Below for the details.

The City Council forgot to recognize Memorial Day and there was a noticeable dearth of flags displayed throughout the town, especially by the business community. Only four businesses on China Lake Blvd displayed the Flag on Memorial Day.


During the June 1st council meeting, the members of the council were knowingly exposed to Covid by Renee Westa-Lusk while presenting a “key to the city” to her. Westa-Lusk felt the need to explain the timeline of her illness via a phone call to the IWVGA PAC meeting held on June 23rd.

She explained to a handful of PAC members that were present that she got sick, felt better, went to the Council to receive the “key”, then got sicker and hasn’t been right since. Since there’s been no news in the papers, we thought everyone should have the opporunity to run around town with their hair on fire demanding a quarantine of the entire City Council who’s members are nowhere to be found.

Why Westa-Lusk waited to phone the GA PAC during the June 23 meeting (where she wasn’t) instead of the City Council meeting (where she was) on June 16 is unknown and council watchers eagerly await an explanation at the next Council meeting to be held on Wednesday July 6th.

Ridgecrest will be closed on the 4th of July

Ridgecrest Events for July 4th, 2022

Senior Morning Fitness and an AA meeting…
Parade of 1000 Flags, “Congressman Kevin McCarthy’s Parade” on 9/11
Ridgecrest IS Anything but Ordinary, and we have Starbucks!

Treat yourself to a getaway on July 4th for the Annual 4th of July celebration in Bishop! It’s only 120 miles north of Ridgecrest and if you leave early, stop at the Alabama Hills Cafe in Lone Pine on your way. The Eastern Sierra Scenic Byway is about as good as it gets and there are many sights to see along the way. Have a happy July 4th!

It’s time to celebrate America’s birthday in the Bishop City Park. Together with many amazing community partners, the Bishop Fire Department is preparing to give Bishop an Independence Day to remember. The entire park will be full of activity throughout the day, and everyone is invited to join the fun! There will be food vendors, craft booths, live music, and more. Bring a picnic blanket, lawn chairs and the whole family for an afternoon celebration. After 9 p.m. tune in to KIBS, 100.7 FM for synchronized music and look to the sky for the fireworks spectacular, which will be launched from the east side of the Bishop City Park. Guests are welcome to spread out throughout the park, in the baseball fields, or watch from home in the downtown area.

  • Craft and Food Vendors Open: 12 Noon
  • Free Swim Day in Bishop City Park Pool: 1-4pm
  • Free pie, ice cream and watermelon (’til it’s gone) served by Bishop City Councilmembers: 1pm
  • Idle Hands String Band: 4:30-5:15pm
  • Watermelon Eating Contest, Decorated Bike/Scooter Pageant: 5:30pm
  • Sandy and The High Country Band: 6:15 – 7:45pm
  • Fireworks Spectacular: After 9pm

All events are offered free of charge, but donations are gladly accepted to help offset costs. For more information, call Bishop City Hall (760) 873-5863.

Tips: Come early, get a good parking spot, enjoy the day in the park. Consider walking or biking to the event as parking is limited. Picnics okay, but alcohol is prohibited in the park. Leave Fido at home – there’s a no dog ordinance for the park, plus all dogs hate fireworks.  NO PERSONAL FIREWORKS ALLOWED.

Bishop, California, United States – October 17, 2015: Main Street on Bishop town in Owens Valley, California on a quiet autumn morning. With a population of under 4000, it lies on Highway 395, which runs through the centre of town, and is world famous as a venue for rock climbers who specialise in short difficult boulder climbs. Its many shops service a wide geographic area.

Bonus music for those of you that scrolled down this far.

This is American patriotism on full display.

“The greatest rendition of the National Anthem EVER!”

From the 2001 World Series Game 7, Yankees v. D-backs

11/4/01: Trumpeter Jesse McGuire performs the national anthem prior to Game 7 of the 2001 World Series between the Yankees and D-backs
Welcome to The Indian Wells Valley: The Roadrunner Capital of the world!

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