Welcome to the Indian Wells Valley, THE Roadrunner Capital of the World!

It’s July 1st, 2022, and this day will live in Roadrunner Infamy!

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the WORLD PREMIER of

“Frank meets Jane”

The video below was taken in the back yard of a cantankerous old man living somewhere out in the middle of the high Mojave Desert in California. It is the first and only video of it’s kind and includes never-seen-before footage of Frank and Jane, the Greater Roadrunners that occupied the old man’s back yard for nearly seven glorious years (and they’re still around). Roadrunner’s don’t fly south for the winter, and they are aways hunting for something, especially in the spring.

So, without further adoo, we present to you “Frank meets Jane”,

Sweet Georgia Brown (Live) by Stephane Grappelli and David Grisman

Sweet Georgia Brown (Live) · Stephane Grappelli · David Grisman
Stephane Grappelli and David Grisman Live
℗ 1981 Warner Records Inc.

Jane’s Frank, The Greater Roadrunner

It was an epic seven-year period of great hardship, with fires, smoke, drought, wind, wars, earthquakes, “covid”, drone swarms, Breeden and Bruen, more hotter wind, along with stupid-ass politicians like Cheney, Pelosi and Schiff, an assortment of health care “officials”, subversives and non-essential swamp creatures, all making matters worse while they spend and tax us into oblivion while busily building EV charging stations for elitist flatlanders in Teslas racing to Mammoth, however, The Greater Roadrunners are determined and will persist, they will not fail, they will prevail, they will rise in glory, they are noble, and they will prevail yet again somehow, overcoming all odds, Facebook bans and election frauds.

They are The Greater Roadrunners!

Anonymous Roadrunner makes Public Comment

2022: Dave Matthews, City of Ridgecrest (Dave’s place)

2022: Gary Maxwell, Sierra Sands Unified School District (Gary’s place)

2020: Sgt. Bill Groves and Officer Kyle Cushman, Ridgecrest Police Department

Officer Kyle Cushman named Officer of the Year for 2022 at the Ridgecrest Police Department!

Ridgecrest Police Officer Kyle Cushman was named Officer of the Year during the annual John Ward Respect for Law Recognition Dinner held March 25.

Officer Cushman was one of four lawmen to be recognized during the prestigious event.

Congratulations to Officer Kushman and to Sgt. Bill Groves, 2020 Roadrunners of the Year and members of the Roadrunner’s Hall of Fame!

Welcome to The Indian Wells Valley: The Roadrunner Capital of the World!

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