In Memory of Dave Matthews and Gary Maxwell, Honorary Roadrunners of The Year in 2022

2022 Roadrunners of the Year — Awarded July 1st, 2022

Having shown qualities of high moral character, such as courage, generosity, civic engagement or honor,

I am proud to announce this year’s inductees in the Roadrunner Hall of Fame as a posthumous honor.

In memory of Dave Matthews and Gary Maxwell, who were both long time residents of the Indian Wells Valley, we know they will both be remembered and greatly missed.

Welcome to The Indian Wells Valley and The Roadrunner Capital of the World! Mike Sinnott, Publisher

Dave Matthews May 20, 1931 — June 17, 2021

Dave Matthews gives Public Comments at the City of Ridgecrest

“Every time I got a flu shot I got the flu”

Dave Matthews final public comment was made to the City of Ridgecrest on June 2nd, 2021. Perhaps Dave knew these comments would be the last time for him to share his wisdom to the town and country he loved.

He was always willing to stand up publicly to the City Council while living up to the principles and ideals of engaged citizenship. Having lived to the grand old age of 90, he had the perspective and insight that comes over many years of life’s challenges. He was a fighter and always to be respected, with a memory that never failed him.

“Who is the czar of yours that determines what is essential and what is not?”

His knew his remaining time on Earth was short, and somehow he was able to make it through the Covid pandemic, even writing a “letter to the editor” during the pandemic complaining that he “needed a haircut” as well as many other treatments for multiple medical issues.

He never took vaccine and had no intention of taking an experimental mRNA gene therapy. What a wise man he was!

“I greatly appreciate everything that the employees of the City do, and I’m not sure how many other people really appreciate what the City government employees do for this City.”

In his final council meeting, he came to thank the employees of the City of Ridgecrest for everything they do. Dave relied on the City as a service and truly appreciated the people working there.

Dave might have been a little cantankerous in his old age, that’s to be expected from someone who watched the cost of living increase to the point that he felt poorer and poorer with each increase in the basics, like water, sewer, trash collection and everything else we rely on, including a haircut.


Below you’ll find the now infamous Letter to Governor Newsom titled “I need a Haircut!”, and you’ll also find videos of his last few meetings at the City Council in the months preceeding his death. He will be greatly missed by the City of Ridgecrest and all who knew him and watched him stand up to City Hall.

Rest in Peace Mr. Matthews.

Gary Lee Maxwell August 12, 1941 — July 1, 2021

Gary Maxwell Memorial

We all remember having teachers such as Mr. Maxwell. How do we describe the distant memories from Junior High School? By remembering our teachers. Gary Maxwell was a great teacher among greats such as Gladys Merrick and good old Mr. Dixon. Those were the days at Monroe Junior High.

The following is from his Obituary, and I couldn’t think of a better way to describe Mr.Maxwell, one of my teachers at Monroe. I feel blessed to have learned from him.

If you knew Gary, you knew his devotion to his family, his passion to invest in the lives of everyone around him, and his welcoming smile.  His calling was to minister knowledge, confidence, and wisdom, mixed with humor, to his thousands of students during their most formative years.  He excelled at his calling and felt blessed to have each individual student.  His legacy will live on through his family and through the lives he impacted here on earth.  

Gary Lee Maxwell Obituary, Daily Independent

Gary Maxwell was much more than a math teacher. He was the very meaning of a role model.

In 1969, Gary returned to Ridgecrest after receiving his degree and began teaching math and science at James Monroe Junior High School for 16 years. In 1985, he moved to teach all levels of math at Burroughs High School for 19 years.

His students in both schools competed in high-level Mathletes competitions all over California and often took home top honors.  He then retired in 2004 after 35 blissful years of teaching.  When retired, he founded a math-curriculum-consulting business called Maxmatics; he loved the name and the job. 

Gary Lee Maxwell Obituary, Daily Independent

Rest in Peace Mr. Maxwell.

Dave Matthew’s public comments at the Ridgecrest City Council meetings, June 2nd, 2021 and April 21, 2021

True to form, Dave was a real patriot, and he was always consistent and civic-minded when making his views known. The pain he felt in his wallet was your pain too, and he was looking out for you up until the age of 90.

We’ll bet he’s still making his views known, on YouTube and from Heaven above.

Dave Matthews would like a bit more money too (24;00)

Unfortunately, I’m aware that many of you would like to have a little bit more money, but then I’ve been retired for about 25 to 30 years, I’d like to have a little more too. But I don’t see it becoming any better very soon unless we as a citizenry stand up and put our foot down about certain policies within the State and in the Federal government.

Dave Matthews, June 2, 2021

I just wanted to say to all the service employees that we are just recognizing or will recognize in the future that as a citizen I greatly appreciate everything that the employees of the City do, and I’m not sure how many other people really appreciate what the City government employees do for this City.

Dave Matthews, June 2, 2021
Dave Matthews quotes Samuel Adams (14:28)

Dave quotes Samuel Adams: “Neither the wisest laws nor the wisest Constitution will secure the Liberty of a people that are universally corrupt”

Dave Matthews, April 21, 2021

If you have your eyes open and your ears open, you can see all kinds of corruption in this country right now, all over the place, hopefully not too much here, but in our own State Capitol right here in California.

Dave Matthews, April 21, 2021

2022: Dave Matthews, City of Ridgecrest (Dave’s place)

Hello from “The Roadrunner Capital of the World”

2022: Gary Maxwell, Sierra Sands Unified School District (Gary’s place)

The Greater Roadrunner is Noble

2020: Sgt. Bill Groves and Officer Kyle Cushman*, Ridgecrest Police Department

Officer Kyle Cushman named Officer of the Year for 2022 at the Ridgecrest Police Department!

Ridgecrest Police Officer Kyle Cushman was named Officer of the Year during the annual John Ward Respect for Law Recognition Dinner held March 25.

Officer Cushman was one of four lawmen to be recognized during the prestigious event.

Congratulations to Officer Kushman and to Sgt. Bill Groves, 2022 Roadrunners of the Year and members of the Roadrunner’s Hall of Fame!

“The Sands of Time”, Death Valley National Park

“The Sands of Time”, Death Valley National Park. Photo by Bill Pelletier for Copyright 2020-2022.

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