UPDATE: Ridgecrest Police nab dirt bike riders in early morning hot pursuit. Roadrunner395.com gets first scoop on National Roadrunner Day! (Good Job Gentlemen and (unPC, I know) Lady!!!)

Wanna go for a ride honey?

Ridgecrest California, July 1st 2020.

We didn’t anticipate that National Roadrunner Day would start off with a hot police pursuit through the streets of Ridgecrest at 3am, but we couldn’t have asked for a better start to the day and our first real news story! Never did we plan on covering anything resembling real news either, aside from the always dull Ridgecrest City Council meetings and our water emergency.

Ridgecrest Police were on the job while you were sleeping and though details are sketchy at this hour, a couple racing a dirtbike southbound on Mahan Street led police on a wild chase in clouds of dust out into the desert south of town. The suspects were quickly taken into custody in a cloud of more dust and pitch black darkness by Sgt. Bill Groves and Officer Kyle Cushman.

Pictured are Sgt. Groves on the left, and Officer Cushman, a well known local rider who demonstrated his nighttime off-road skills by riding the dirtbike back to civilization while Sgt. Groves walked the culprits back to safety in handcuffs.

We don’t know (or care) what the couple was doing riding tandem on a noisy dirtbike at 3am in the morning, suffice it to say it’s not a good idea and could land you in jail. Hopefully they learned a lesson and don’t try this stunt again. Someone could get hurt and we need hospital space for tre ating all the covid patients.

Thank you to the Ridgecrest Police Department and the unlucky couple for our scoop. Sgt. Groves remarked that “this is nothing”, but we disagree, its national news! We’ll post it on our Twitter feed @nochit395 for all the world to see. And please don’t ask why we’re up at 3am.

Update from the Police Log 7/1:

No big deal, nobody was hurt.

03:01 FAILURE TO YIELD 2007010014
Officer initiated activity at S Mahan St, Ridgecrest. 2 juveniles on MC/sb Mahan. . Disposition: Counselled (sic)

Officer Kyle “Roadrunner” Cushman of the Ridgecrest Police Department

Happy National Roadrunner Day!!!