RIDGECREST’S NEW MAYOR Eric Bruen Throws Temper Tantrum at First Council Meeting, States He Will “Control the Dialog”. (Note to Congressman Kevin McCarthy: You Endorsed Him, You Own It)


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Ridgecrest, California

January 24, 2021

The Ridgecrest City Council held it’s first meeting of the year on January 7th with newly elected Mayor Eric Bruen at the helm. The meeting was closed to the public as it has been for nearly a year. Mr. Bruen was endorsed by outgoing Mayor Peggy Breeden, outgoing Supervisor Mick Gleason, State Senator Shannon Grove, Assemblyman Vince Fong and Congressman Kevin McCarthy who currently serves as the GOP Leader in the House of Representatives.

Fortunately for Mayor Bruen, no more than 50 viewers watched the live feed on Youtube, and only 175 people have watched the video as of this date. Since not many people saw the Mayor’s diatribe, let’s go to the video

Starting at 1:14:00

Before we comment any further, let’s hear Mike Neel blistering and well deserved response to our new boy mayor,

Starting at 54:40

Mayor Bruen intends “be controversial and control the dialog”, thinks that he speaks for a “majority”, then effectively stifles dissent and citizen involvement by slandering two well-respected members of the community. He calls them “political wannabees, alarmists and extremists” and uses a nursery parable and the Capitol hill false flag to make the point they are liars or perhaps insurrectionist Trump supporters.

During the campaign, Mr. Bruen took credit for singlehandedly procuring a pay raise for employees of NAWSCL, therefore it’s to be expected that because of the endorsements above, Ridgecrest is “controlled” by an extension of the Deep State’s Military Industrial Complex. His voters are depositing their now-fatter paychecks at Bruen’s local “bank”. These are the same people that have made Ridgecrest what it is today, and why Ridgecrest will always be a “company town” with an underclass comprised of everyone else that lives here. Ridgecrest is what it is and will always be the same. We would suggest Mr. Bruen worry more about such things as his deposit ratios and Ridgecrest-wide loan impairments while planning his exit from politics.

Welcome to the City of Ridgecrest Mr. Mayor, although you’re a relative newcomer in town, you’ll fit right in with “The Most Patriotic City in America”, where the police department has an arrest rate of 10% of the City’s population per year, and which is located in the one-party Communist Nation-State of California, a State that’s flushing criminals from prison and turning citizens into the public health police, in a Country hat has been overthrown by a regime of communists, corporate fascists, and globalists, and where “patriotic” Americans like Mr. Neel and Mr. Matthews are now equated to alarmist extremists or domestic terrorists by ignorant politicians.

P.S. We want to thank Councilman Blades and Councilman Hayman for showing their integrity by disavowing Mr. Bruen’s outrageous diatribe.
Bruen won with only 39% of the votes for Mayor and clearly doesn’t speak for the majority of residents. Councilmen Blades and Rajaratnam both garnered 1,000 votes more than Bruen:

City of Ridgecrest Mayor-2 Year Term – Vote For 1
Completed Precincts: 13 of 13VOTE COUNTPERCENTAGE
ERIC A. BRUEN451237.64%
City of Ridgecrest Councilmember – Vote For 2
Completed Precincts: 13 of 13VOTE COUNTPERCENTAGE
KYLE BLADES545227.79%
STEVEN P. MORGAN374219.07%
LORI R. ACTON237312.09%