Three BIG Announcements: Today is July 1st, 2020! It’s National Roadrunner Day!!!

Hello Ridgecrest California!

My Name is Mike Sinnott, and I’m the publisher of, News and Views from the Indian Wells Valley.

I hoped to be with you tonight but circumstances won’t allow me to be there in person. I wanted to make two big announcements, and because of events early this morning, I now have THREE big announcements:

First, the Indian Wells Valley, as of today, is proclaimed “The Roadrunner Capital of the World” by the Nocturnal Commission of the High Inland Terrain and July 1st from this day forward, will be reserved for “National Roadrunner Day”.

That’s #NationalRoadrunnerDay. You can read all about the Greater Roadrunner, “the most amazing bird in the world” at

Second, tonight I’m introducing

The China Lake Heritage Restoration Act

Yes, it’s an Act of Congress. We intend to ask Congressman Kevin McCarthy to sponsor the legislation and respectfully request that President Donald J. Trump sign the legislation. This legislation will enable us to build infrastructure, solve our water crisis, and restore China Lake’s Heritage.

I want to mention that in Phoenix there’s a small civic organization called “The Thunderbirds” that puts on the most successful golf tournament on the PGA tour called the Phoenix Open. We are “The Roadrunners” and we hope to put on a golf tournament each and every year on the 1st of July at a public golf course that everyone can play.

My Third Announcement is really BIG! This morning, at 3 am, I happened to be awake to hear a loud motorcycle race by my house with Ridgecrest police in hot pursuit. They were traveling southbound on Mahan Street and ended up out in the desert south of town in pitch black darkness and a big cloud of dust. Not knowing who was out there or the threat they faced, the officers quickly caught the suspects and everyone was safe. I would like you to walk in their shoes and imagine what it would be like to be these officers and do what they did.

I want to thank them both, along with the other officers that responded to the scene concerned about their partners. It was a true display of bravery I witnessed this morning. Sgt Groves calmly told me it was nothing big, but he didn’t know it was National Roadrunner Day, and we posted the story on our website along with pictures and also at our twitter feed @nochit395. It’s national news!

I am pleased to announce that Officer Kyle Cushman and Sgt. Bill Groves have been selected as our first honorary Roadrunners!

Congratulations to the Ridgecrest Police Department, Sgt. Bill Groves and Officer Kyle “Roadrunner” Cushman. Thank you for your service and your bravery.

I want to mention one more thing, if you check out The China Lake Heritage Restoration Act on our website, you’ll be able to see and listen to the greatest rendition of our National Anthem that’s ever been played!

Happy Birthday America!

I hope you’ll check out on and follow us on Twitter @NoChit395.

Happy National Roadrunner Day to the Indian Wells Valley

THE Roadrunner Capital of the World!

Thank you and may God Bless America!