IWVGA FEES FRAUD? Is It Your Money or Your Sh*t-etc.? = Hilarity Ensues (Update 9/29/21 City Bags $375K Selling Option on Your Future Sh*t-etc.! GA Duped? WTF!)

“Wastewater Treatment Facility. (WTF?) are those IWVGA Fees on our Water Bill Honey?”

Ridgecrest CA, September 20, 2021

Dear Residents of Ridgecrest and Customers of the Indian Wells Valley Water District:

We come to you with a heavy heart. You are now paying an “IWVGA Fee” on your IWV Water District monthly bill. In some many cases, your water bill has doubled. This should make you angry every single month you pay it time you sit on the can.

Here, we will try to explain it all in simple language, but we may be over-simplifying the explanation. It’s really complicated and deceptive in the outcome and it’s bad, not good. It’s bad enough that we have to explain it all to you and we’ll do our best in the weeks to come at Roadrunner395.com where you’ll find plenty to help get you up to speed.

It’s called The Groundwater Authority’s “Basin Replenishment Fee”. That’s the simple part, it’s like you’re going to fill up a glass that’s half full, or something like that. We call it paying for water used in the past, but we digress.

How did we get here?:

The City of Ridgecrest wants all of your money to pay for a WTF. Well, not quite all of it, but they want as much as they can “grab”. You will, at some time in the future, be pooping and flushing and draining into a brand-spanking-new Wasterwater Treatment Facility (WTF).

Unknown Wastewalter Treatment Facility somewhere else, not here. A figment of our imagination?
  • Q: When?
  • A: Don’t know. It’s a secret.
  • Q: How much will it cost?
  • A: Ditto
  • Q: Who’s going to build it?
  • A: Ditto Ditto
  • Q: Well when is it supposed to be built?
  • A: LOL

The City of Ridgecrest intends to sell your treated sewage to the IWV Groundwater Authority:

  • Q: How Does the City intend to sell treated sewage to the “Authority” if they can’t make it with the WTF yet?
  • A: Don’t know. But we can guess they have it figured out.
  • Q: How much are they gonna sell it for?
  • A: They intend to “sell” your treated sewage for $2,130 per acre foot.
  • Q: Sounds like a lot of shit-etc.!
  • A: Yes it is, but it’ll be treated so it’s clean enough to be injected underground as “Imported Water”.
  • Q: Ugh. So they’re calling my shit-etc “Imported Water”?
  • Q: C’mon man, just tell me how much they gonna make off my shit-etc.?

A: That would be $4,260,000 per year to process your shit-etc. at some time in the future with a WTF that hasn’t built yet Dude. Let’s call it the new City shit-etc tax and now you know the future!

Congressman Kevin McCarthy was seen sporting a Burroughs Kelly Green Roadrunner395.com Polo Shirt in Ridgecrest, California this last weekend. The GOP Leader was in town for the 9/11/21 “Parade of 1000 Flags”. Also pictured are Mayor Eric Bruen (On Left, with right hand on Congressman McCarthy’s right shoulder), and Councilmember Kyle “Navy Cool” Blades in the background. Yes, we will have a caption contest.
  • Q: Holy Shit! WTF!! I’m shocked and appalled! What can I do about it, do I have a prayer fighting City Hall?
  • A: Nope, in the meantime you will be praying to them to process your future shit-etc. when they construct the WTF.
  • Q: WTF?! Holy Shit!! You mean…
  • A: Yes, the one that hasn’t been built yet that you’ve been paying for over the last 10 years!

There’s a moment of silence as they pause in thoughtful contemplation…

  • Q: Well, they can kiss my ass grits!!!
  • A: What’s a grits?
  • Q: (Dude falls over in cardiac arrest…)
  • A: (Ten minutes of CPR of revives Dude)
  • Q: Well, you know the WTF the GA and the City of Ridgecrest can do?!

Sounds of sobbing, crying, wailing, gnashing of teeth

A: Wait! There’s more!! The City of Ridgecrest wants the Indian Wells Valley Water District, that would be all of you as their customers, the City… get this… they wanted the IWVWD to borrow $30 MILLION to do the deal and the water district Board said “HELL NO!”.

Q: WTF were they thinking?! Are they crazy? Eric and Solomon and Kyle and Peggy and Scott? No way man!

A: Yes, it’s the City that’s crazy as shit-etc. 5-0 5-0 5-0 5-0… WTF?.

A: Indian Wells Valley Water District is your friend, the water is excellent and the infrastructure didn’t even spring a leak during two monster earthquakes!

How do you think the City will handle your Shit-etc.. Seriously people?

September 28, 2021 Update:
Well lookie here, what’s this? Remember Thanksgiving and Christmas in 2020? You were fighting off covids, earthquakes, aftermath of another year of drought and fires, Thanksgiving and Christmas with all the CDC rules? You remember but we don’t hear about these things because nobody pays attention to it all and there’s a lot going on behind the scenes.

Where’s the WTF? Well, The Secret City of Navy has already sold the GA an option to buy your shit-etc. for the next 5 years if they can get the thing built in 3 years. Has construction started? The City was paid $375,000 by the GA for the option that also covered the City’s adminstration expenses incurred during the formation of the GA.

Reminder, you’ve been paying for that brand-spanking-new WTF for the last 10 years. We’ll get back to you when we find out what’s actually happening! November 19, 2020 Option Agreement for future shit-etc. is below:

Publisher’s Note: Yes, the IWVWD is your friend. You see, the City doesn’t care about you, they’re just grabbin some more of your money and kissin’ blue and yellow butt. We used to call it “Creative Financing” back in the day, but in this case, what it really sounds like is a definition we looked up especially for you. What do you think?

fraud frôd (noun)

  1. A deception practiced in order to induce another to give up possession of property or surrender a right.
  2. A piece of trickery; a trick.
  3. One that defrauds; a cheat.
  4. One who assumes a false pose; an impostor.
  5. An act or course of deception deliberately practised with the view of gaining a wrong or unfair advantage; deceit; trick; an artifice by which the right or interest of another is injured.
  6. Specifically, in law, an artifice employed by one person for the purpose of deceiving another, to the prejudice of his right; the causing or making use of the error of another for the attainment of an illegal object.
  7. A position artfully contrived to work damage or prejudice; a snare.
  8. The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition.More at Wordnik

Apologies for the Creative Narrative folks. Someone has to tell the story.

September 8, 2021 Mojave Pistachio, Nugent Farms comment to IWVGA (The News Review)

From the above:

The Authority relied on an untested and legally dubious interpretation of the Navy’s Federal Reserve Right to extend the Navy’s claim to water off the China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station base in a move so full of hubris the Navy Commander was forced to disavow the legal maneuvering of the Authority. Using the cover provided by the Navy’s Federal Reserve Right, the Authority then proceeded to declare winners and losers through the implementation of water allocations and imposition of the Replenishment Fee on select parties. This is the largest of such fees in the state and exponentially higher than other fees passed in the Central Valley portion of Kern County.

City of Navy Declares War On IWV Water District, Mayor Calls For Unity and Growth, Demands District Borrow $25 Million In Order To Buy Water From Somewhere Else Or It’s Armageddon! (roadrunner395.com)

Welcome to the Great Indian Wells Valley Water War of 2021 (roadrunner395.com)

FIREWORKS!!! Armegeddon Averted, City of Navy Attempts to Smooth Ruffled Feathers. Humble Roadrunner395.com Publisher Delivers Eloquent Speech, Declares War on Attorneys, Steals the Show at IWVWD Monthly Meeting!

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What the hell is that? It’s a train coming down the tracks…

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