GOP LEADER McCARTHY Visits Ridgecrest on 9/11? Is BRAC, an F-35 or a Smaller Footprint In The Cards for NAWSCL? (Caption Contest Alert!)

“We Are A Military Town”

Ridgecrest CA, September 19, 2021

Something we should have learned in the 20th Century is now being repeated in the 21st Century. Haven’t we learned anything?

War is unsustainable. That’s the Truth. We have been at war continuously since the War to end all Wars, World War Two, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. We need War, we profit from War and we control ourselves by always having an enemy to fight in our War. Wars kill, they destroy and they cost a lot of money.

Our economy would crash without War. We just sold both the United Kingdom and Japan F-35’s, and as the United Kingdom Defence Ministry said in March 2021;

Jeremy Quin, the minister for defense procurement, said the UK would be adding to the 48 jets it has already purchased from Lockheed Martin. By 2025, we will be placing orders—I’m absolutely confident—for more of them

We wonder if the United Kingdom is still enthusiastic about the F-35 in the aftermath of Afghanistan?

We sell our war equipment all over the world. The UK, Israel and others come to China Lake for testing and evaluation. Raytheon are McDonald Douglas are their customers too. How much priority do the contractors place on testing here versus anywhere else with hardware-in-the-loop simulation. We don’t really know squat about what they really do there these days (Secret City), but you know we’d like to ask ‘how’s business?’.

Our spending on the military is $750 Billion dollars per year, more than the next 10 nations combined including China and Russia. Do we love war, or money? It’s hard to tell anymore, people just don’t care or they rely on war for their livelihood and it’s just another day at the office before a “3 and 9”.

Perhaps our Statist-neocon-neolib uniparty politicians will bring back the draft and find a new enemy for our country. MAGA anyone? Will the new war be directed at the Chinese Communist Party, or you? That is the question we have today.

Two F-35C Lightning II aircraft assigned to the Grim Reapers of Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 101 sit on the flight deck of the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) on Sept. 4, 2017. The secretary of the Navy says the service has wasted enough money in continuing resolutions to have paid for an entire squadron of the aircraft. Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Matt Herbst/Navy

To the question of the future of the Navy at China Lake, that’s a question for all of us to consider as we plan for the future of Ridgecrest and China Lake, and it doesn’t look pretty in spite of the fact that the Navy’s spending $3 Billion to repair and remodel a 75 year old, functionally obsolescent, earthquake damaged and profit-driven test bed for the Military Industrial Complex: Eisenhower warns us of the military industrial complex. – YouTube

Anything can happen in War, and we just left $88 Billion in new military hardware in Afghanistan as a down payment on the next War. Problem is, we’re running out of money to finance our Wars, and we can’t sell the hardware to the Taliban so we give it away.

Norm Singleton via The Mises Institute has called the F-35 program a terrible investment as it makes “America less safe by spending us into bankruptcy”.

The Navy base has been the leading test bed for the F-18 and it’s role at the facility is likely history so it’s only natural for the F-35 to come to NAWSCL.

But will the F-35 be coming to NAWSCL? The Air Force is already talking about the next generation fighter jet. We need just one F-35 here, then another, like a drug that we can’t quit. And now you might understand why you might be considered to be non-essential and treated like millions of your fellow citizens. Haven’t we had enough War?

“We are a Military town!” exclaimed one of the attendees at this weeks City Council Meeting. Indeed.

Congressman and GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy visited his home district on the 20th Anniversary of 9/11, now a day of tragedy that will live in shame, where Ridgecrest and the Naval Air Warfare Station at China Lake are located, just 150 miles north of Los Angeles, California. He was here for the annual “Parade of 1000 Flags” in “The Most Patriotic City in America”. (Secret City)

Mike Sinnott


(P.S. Your humble Publisher is an expert in money, finance, real estate and political science, and the opinions herein are his own. He is a native China-Laker and a Patriot.)

Parade of 1000 Flags, Ridgecrest, California. September 11, 2021

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Congressman Kevin McCarthy was seen sporting a Burroughs Kelly Green Polo Shirt in Ridgecrest, California this last weekend. The GOP Leader was in town for the 9/11/21 “Parade of 1000 Flags”. Also pictured are Mayor Eric Bruen (On Left, with right hand on Congressman McCarthy’s right shoulder), and Councilmember Kyle “Navy Cool” Blades in the background. Yes, we will have a caption contest.

What the hell is that? It’s a train coming down the tracks…

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