MAYOR ERIC BRUEN Announces Run for Re-election and Cancels Free Subscription: An Ode’ to Facilitation

Let the campaign season begin!

Ladies and Gentleman! May I have your attention please.

Welcome to the Indian Wells Valley, the home of Inyokern, Trona and the Secret City (shhh, yes, it’s true!), as well as the Most Patriotic City in America, Ridgecrest California, and the home of the famous Burroughs Burros (kicked Bakersfield Drillers ass in 1973), and finally and most importantly, the home of the Greater Roadrunner and the Roadrunner Capitol of the World!! (Yay!)

It’s time for Year SEVEN of the Greatest Water War on EARTH!

Theeeeeeeeeee Great Water Wars of the Indian Wells Valleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey.

(Version 2022, Year 7)

In one corner, fresh off their GSP Bowl victory celebration and a $7.6 million lottery gift from the DWR, we have the GAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa and theeeee Riiiiiiiidgecreeeeeeeeeeeest City Council Tag Teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeam! (Hand clap)

In the other corner, the people of the Indian Wells Valley, including residents of Inyokern, Trona, East Kern County, every single IWVWD water-using resident of Ridgecrest, The U.S. Navy, farmers, miners, all the dogs and cats, all the coyotes (less a few cats), and the Greater Roadrunners all living together in somewhat peaceful harmonyyyyyyyyyy! (Thundering roar!)

The Greater Roadrunner

Ridgecrest Strong!

An Ode’ to Facilitation

(A Poem by The Greater Roadrunner)

No time for delay! Nothing will stop us.

Earthquakes are nothing with Covid dogging us.

Lockdowns are easy, masks are for queezy,

We stay indoors when the weather is breezy.

Sales taxes and GA fees will not deter us,

It’s better for you, if you don’t resist us

We will not bend, we are that strong,

It’s better for you if you just go along.

We are a military town, we sing and exclamate,

We don’t need no stinking Facilitate.

We’ve got Navy and Air Force, it’s really easy,

What is fallowing? It sounds pretty peasey.

We Want Water! We Want Growth!!

We Want it NOW! or you all will go BROKE!

The loser is all of us, we knew that already

We warned you for years, now we don’t have plenty

With no apologies to Mayors Breeden and Bruen*

Both talk the same, while singing old tunes.

The End

*For more information, please see below. Mayor Bruen is holding a kick-off meet and greet fundraising at Classic Burger in Inyokern sometime soon: Please note that this is useless misinformation. Thank you. 😉

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Here comes Mayor Eric Bruen, via The Daily Independent, and he wants to “build like hell”!

Mayor Bruen to run again: ‘[I plan] to build like hell if everyone is on-board with me’ By Jessica Weston For The Daily Independent May 19, 2022

But wait, there’s more from The Daily Independent (our emphasis):

“the Ridgecrest Police Department is down to 21 officers from a previous roster of 35 or 36. Bruen attributed the employee decline largely to non-competitive officers’ salaries”

September 15, 2021 from the above post:

  • Second, the City is facing an exodus of sorts, people are selling their homes and taking advantage of record high prices in order to leave the area for greener pastures such as Arizona (in the case of Mick Gleason) or Idaho (in the case of Mike Mower) or Nevada (in the case of high income NAWSCL retirees).

  • Third, because of mask and vaccine mandates, many employees of both the Navy and Ridgecrest Regional Hospital will quit their jobs or be fired due to the vax mandate. This is especially true for employees of the City’s Police Department.

We wonder whether Mr. Bruen supports vax mandates now that we have a public safety issue.

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