PLACER.AI MASS SURVEILLANCE AND GPS TRACKING: Big Brother Comes To Kevin McCarthy’s District In California (Dog and Pony Show – Bruen’s A Piece of Work)

August 2, 2023

Ridgecrest, California

Presentation by to the Ridgecrest City Council:

“Bruen’s a piece of work” is a comment I’ve heard from two people in just the last week. Yes, he is a piece of work.

The video below is disturbing to watch, and unless the people in this country and this city recognize the sickness in the body politic, it will only get worse from here.

Corruption is rampant and ignored by our criminal justice system and the media. Our country is being sold out, sliced, diced and filleted. The criminals in the Biden-Obama cartel and the DNC are still free while Trump is arrested by a psycho named Jack Smith.

The presentation by PlacerAI was obviously a fast-talking pile of bullshit and a disaster. As Councilman Skip Gorman said, “they have a PR problem” while suggesting he’d support a trial for one year. He knows full well it isn’t worth it, but we can’t expect him to sit up there and be insulted by Bruen. Still, Gorman looks to be a great disappointment. He needs to do some more homework and listen to the people.

Let’s take a poll boys! You think you know better than us, i.e. people? Yes they do apparently. Never mind the fact that some of us had more experience in tech before they entered puberty. How do you talk to “cocky” punks and cell phones that are loaded with apps? You don’t. They’re brain dead when it comes to common sense.

Kyle Blades thinks he’s smarter than the DNI. Why is that? Maybe he’s a piece of work too and just hides it better than the empty headed, dark-eyed Mayor.

Blades can’t be that smart if he thinks Placer is a “stand up company”. It wouldn’t surprise us to find that Bruen and Blades have other schemes in play so keep an eye on them. They’re clearly not listening to anyone who is ‘awake’ and that should concern all of us. They aren’t prepared for what comes down from the alien invasion of both kinds.

Councilman Scott Hayman was again the hero and stood up to Bruen after he tried to throw the decision to use back to City Manager Ron Strand. The Mayor was happy with what he heard from Placer and then minimized the many public commenters who were in attendance and could stomach listening to the man-boy-face-talking-talking-talking ad infinitum.

Facebook had 93% voting “no” on Placer and we expect the agenda to include a vote on at the August 16th meeting.

If anyone knows how to contact Speaker Kevin McCarthy, tell him he made a mistake by endorsing a clone of Jerry Nadler and Liz Cheney and that Bruen’s a pathetic example of what we’ve come to expect in California politicians whether they be Republican or Democrat.

It’s very sad to see my hometown embarrassed by these morons. The good news is that the bills are coming due for Biden. McCarthy might be too busy to come to Ridgecrest for a parade on 9/11 and that’s a good thing too. He has better things to do.

Public comments by Mike Sinnott to the Ridgecrest City Council, August 2, 2023.

What you just watched is what Wall Street calls a “Dog and Pony Show”.

Placer.AI is a so-called “Silicon Valley startup” but was founded in Israel.

A video on YouTube presents compelling evidence that Placer is an intelligence gathering operation for Mossad, Israel’s spy agency.

Normally, we think of Israel as our friend, but in this case it’s not. In fact, the US kicked out over 100 Israeli “art students” spying on military installations before and after 9/11. is not our friend.

A recently declassified report from the Director of National Intelligence tells us the same thing. The conclusion from this 48-page report is: The commercially available information they get from your phone “can be misused to cause substantial harm, embarrassment and inconvenience to U.S. persons”. It can also be used to “cause harm to an individual’s reputation, emotional well-being, or physical safety.”

Placer is hoping to go “BIG TIME” and is buying’s real time family notification and tracking data. You’ll have no place to hide with that powerful little supercomputer in your pocket. Placer sold their insidious and invasive technology in Tehachapi first – and now Ridgecrest.

What do these two All-American towns have in common? Answer: Super important military bases nearby. Edwards and China Lake. What an odd set of coincidences – Israel’s Mossad, crown jewel military bases, and they’re all in Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s congressional district.

Placer has a massive amount of information on each and every one of us but they only “provide” a small slice of their data to the City of Tehachapi. There’s much more that they could “provide” to law enforcement if they wanted to, and they will once they get their foot in the door under the guise of “economic development”.

At the May 3rd City Council meeting, Kyle Blades told the Council “We can use this in other departments.” City Manager Ron Strand wants cameras all over the streets to track all the cars on the road with License Plate Readers. Won’t that be a great combination? It’s a match made in hell.

We can’t let Placer in our town or people won’t want to live or shop here when they find out that Ridgecrest is a Police Surveillance State. Recruitment and retention will become even more difficult, and Ridgecrest won’t have any need for a “California Welcome Center” or a Convention and Visitors Bureau. Who in their right mind would want to come here?

The employees on the base are talking and they don’t like it. I’ve just been told that they’ve been instructed by their bosses: “don’t take your cell phones downtown.” And they shouldn’t take them anywhere in Ridgecrest. Leave them at home!

Speaker McCarthy shouldn’t endorse this company; he should kick them out of our country like the “art students” after 9/11. Mayor Bruen wants our city to be a “Smart City” but they’re really “Surveillance gulags”, and they’re already in China.

One city in China, with hundreds of apartment buildings and tens of thousands of people, has only a few exits, and the residents need to scan COVID passports and their faces to get in or out. Smart cities are surveillance cities, and they’re un-American.

Placer isn’t going to improve your quality of life one bit, and it isn’t worth the cost to your freedom to let them surveil our cities.

Please – Give Speaker Kevin McCarthy a call or write him an email.

Artificial Intelligence and Smart Cities will become our worst nightmare and Placer has George Orwell’s Big Brother written all over it.

When someone says to you that they already have our “information”, ask them: “Where do you draw the line? When it’s under your skin?”

Thank you to the Ridgecrest City Council.  

We now have the benefit of the DNI’s report and a presentation by Placer to inform us.  

The debate on the issue of mass surveillance of American citizens is just beginning in Congress.  

Placers business model is predicated on mass surveillance and the issues concerning violation of our civil rights and our privacy will be settled by Congress and our courts.

We can send a strong message to Congress and just say “NO” to and that is what the City of Ridgecrest must do. 

Thank you.

A YouTube page under the nom de guerre “Chad Chaddington” published in March 2022 indentified Ben Zvi as a former Unit 8200 intelligence officer.

Unit 8200 is Mossad’s NSA level data gathering and signals intelligence unit. “Chad” remembered that in 2001, two members of the Mossad were arrested by Mexican State Police after they were caught entering the Mexican Congress building while the Congress was in session.

They were carring weapons and explosives, including grenades, and they were eventually returned to Israel after then Prime Minister Arial Sharon intervened by traveling to Mexico to negotiate their release.

In an Editorial published by The News Review, Helen Tomlin wrote:

A (now deleted) promotional video procured from’s “daily motion site” describes the company’s data mining abilities in a more chilling way. YouTube’s Chad Chaddington captured and posted this video on YouTube, along with an accompanying transcription of its statements.

In it, claims its software “enables anyone to access a 360-degree view of any location the dashboard provides.”  They provide “accurate foot traffic counts and dwell time” and “know where customers are coming from and going to and along which routes they travel.”  They can “analyze customer profiles’ income, gender, eating, and shopping habits…and much more.”

The News Review, June 2, 2023

Unit 8200: Israel’s cyber spy agency by John Read (Financial Times)

Former insiders and whistle-blowers provide a view of the formidable military intelligence outfit

Unit 8200, the Israeli military’s legendary high-tech spy agency, considered by intelligence analysts to be one of the most formidable of its kind in the world. Unit 8200, or shmone matayim as it’s called in Hebrew, is the equivalent of America’s National Security Agency and the largest single military unit in the Israel Defence Forces.

Financial Times

It is also an elite institution whose graduates, after leaving service, can parlay their cutting-edge snooping and hacking skills into jobs in Israel, Silicon Valley or Boston’s high-tech corridor. The authors of Start-up Nation, the seminal 2009 book about Israel’s start-up culture, described 8200 and the Israeli military’s other elite units as “the nation’s equivalent of Harvard, Princeton and Yale”.

Financial Times

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