OPERATION THIRD EYE – GEOFENCING The State of California (PLACER.AI and Ridgecrest’s Balsam Night Out)

Operation Name: Third Eye

After Action Report (SigInt) – Balsam Not a Night Out Event

Event Date and Location: August 12, 2023, Ridgecrest California

Declassified: August 14, 2023

Special Agent in Charge: Mike Sinnott

Office of Director of National Intelligence, Panel on Commercially Available Information

There is today a large and growing amount of what the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC) refers to as “Commercially Available Information” (CAI). As the acronym indicates, and as we use the term in this report, CAI is information that is available commercially to the general public, and as such, is a subset of publicly available information (PAI).

I awoke early Saturday morning knowing that the City of Ridgecrest was planning an event called Balsam Night Out which is a street party with food trucks, music and wine.

Knowing that this event would be the target of a Geofencing Surveillance Operation for the deep state and a nefarious group of Israeli Mossad spies operating as a Silicon Valley tech startup, I had to do something, anything to foil their evil plot.

I also wanted to witness firsthand the City’s Promoter-in-Chief, Mayor Eric Bruen, in action. Generally I prefer a more straightforward approach when sharing well-researched intelligence (aka “ranting and raving”) during City Council meetings, and this was my opportunity to plant a seed with an Operation dubbed “Third Eye”. Get it? If not, read no further and go back to Facebook.

The plan was simple. I would be a protestor disguised as a journalist while conducting a Psyop, something our government and the mainstream media and tech censorship regimes do every day.  

Operation Third Eye was in motion. I ran down to Walmart for some paint and yard sale cardboard, painted the signs with brilliant messaging such as “Don’t Geofence Me Big Bro” and “Geofence Politicians Not People” and taped them to six boxes.

What is a Geofence? It’s a virtual fence surrounding any location or building very similar to the corrals used by cattle ranchers when they conduct a roundup before branding or taking the cattle to the slaughterhouse. The analogy is very simple and you are the cattle.

I planned Third Eye down to the minute and was ready to go an hour before the “event”, but soon after I began dropping the signs off at pre-selected strategic locations, the wind started blowing the signs over. This was poor planning on my part and I needed more rocks stat and borrowed them from Alta One’s landscaping at 22% interest.

The timing and placement of disguised garage sale signs was critical to the success of the operation. I started by setting them on China Lake boulevard far enough away from the entrance so that the Ridgecrest Police Department wouldn’t see me and hunt me down or neutralize my signs.

Then I began to surveil the invisible geofence around Balsam and realized that it was Not a Night Out on Balsam. A bag lady hanging out at FastTrip told me to check out City Hall.

As I cautiously approached City Hall, I immediately encountered enemy operatives manning (or womanizing if you prefer) defensive positions at the entrance.

“OMG” I said to myself: the Desert Valleys Credit Union Armored Central Bank Digital Currency ATM dispenser (DVCUACBDCATM for short) was blocking the entrance. Not only that, the perimeters of City hall were ringed with barricades forcing the poor local “foot traffic” to walk to the front entrance in order to be granted passage by Mayor Bruen.

However, there was a catch, and attendees were given only 2 minutes to fill out a credit card application with just a swipe of their cell phones. Pictured below is General-CEO Bruen planning defensive operations with his lieutenants. I was able to temporarily interrupt his command and control center while yelling for a “Speech! Speech! Speech!”.

The Mayor was obviously not amused by my Not on Balsam Night Third Eye operation and he walked away briskly on his way to inspect the food lines.

“How ya doin?” I said as the Mayor whizzed by me with no comment. He was making a beeline to the Ephen Tacos truck and didn’t offer to buy me a taco. Darn.

General Bruen had won the battle and I felt defeated and got no comment or tacos. I failed in my duty as a reporter even though I’m only posing as one, i.e. like most “journalists”. I had only boxes and yard signs and I felt stupid for about two seconds but I didn’t give up the fight. “Push yourself” I said to myself as I nearly tripped over the curb.

Little did Bruen the Victorious know I still had my secret weapons, or so I thought.

This was my second mistake. I was admittedly “cocky” and placed the last two fake yard sale signs right at the entrance in the islands on China Lake Blvd. I wasn’t fooling anyone and some candyass finked on my signs.

I will assume it was Mayor-CEO-General Bruen who acted quickly on the information from his forward surveillance team, aka his sneaky Boy Scout troops. They had to be there somewhere hiding in the bushes. Sometimes they pose as “cocky” millenials while conducting false-flag aerial fireworks operations in the Mayor’s hood on July 4th . They’re very sneaky those millenials with their cellphones and fireworks. I’d cut them a little slack, none of them have known a day of freedom since they were born.

The next thing I know I see Officer Gabriel Coe absconding my 9.25% sales-tax-paid signs that I bought from Walmart! I rushed up and we engaged in a tug-of-war over the sign, but we were careful not to tear it, and I screamed like a pack of girl scouts and cried “Please bro gimme back my sign!”

We entered peace negotiations whereupon I agreed to take my signs and go home. Suddenly, Sargeant Ryan Marrone rushed in to provide backup to Officer Coe and exclaimed “Hey Mike, how ya doin?”.  (He’s one of my favorite Roadrunners as well as one of my informants).

Yeah it was a surrender of sorts and Officer Coe and Sargeant Marrone performed as true professionals and calmed down the rowdy crowd that had gathered to watch the spectacle (not really, nobody was there yet). We all had a good time catching-up and peace fell upon the Balsam Not A Night event. I gathered my signs and boxes and headed back to the barracks to fill out my After Action Report.

Of course, I took the opportunity to provide intel to Officer Coe describing in great detail how Placer.ai works and how the technology could be used for crowd control at any “event” such as Not a Balsam Night, or it how it could be used to identify me sneaking up and down China Lake Blvd placing signs. It can be also used to track people going to and from a church, an abortion clinic or a top-secret, relatively unsecured military base spreading out over 1,000,000 acres.

Think of the possibilities! Mayor Bruen could geofence an outhouse out in the desert for “economic development” purposes and catch you with your pants down if you’ve been cocky. Don’t think about that for too long.

Office of Director of National Intelligence, Panel on Commercially Available Information

Sensitivity of CAI. CAI can reveal sensitive and intimate information about the personal attributes, private behavior, social connections, and speech of U.S. persons and non-U.S. persons. It can be misused to pry into private lives, ruin reputations, and cause emotional distress and threaten the safety of individuals. Mission creep can subject CAI collected for one purpose to other purposes that might raise risks beyond those originally calculated. The IC’s use of CAI is also the subject of intense scrutiny and speculation by political leaders, the news media, and civil society

Life360.com recently began selling their user’s location data exclusively to Placer.ai, and they are rapidly expanding their user base by offering free trials and other gimmicks like subscription pricing that falls within the City Manager’s decisionmaking purview. That way you wouldn’t know anything about their surveillance operations until after a contract has been signed.

Life360 claims that they have 35 million users or subscribers who willingly gave up their location data in order to track members of their families or friends. This may sound like a good way to build trust but it’s really more like placing a digital ankle bracelet on your mate. Besides, how is that better than just following them everywhere they go?

These two companies are able to provide powerfully invasive, real-time 24-7-365 tracking of every Resident in the country who’s carrying a cell phone. Notice below that they share the same identical theme on their websites. Isn’t that interesting? As you can see below, there’s much more to Placer than just counting heads at street markets. The possibilities are endless.

Placer’s business model is predicated on GPS location data purchased from cell phone app developers. Without the location data, their stock goes to zero. None of what I write should be construed to be financial advice.

How many Life360 “consumers” actually know that Placer is mining and reselling their location data and reselling it to the government? How many app developers are selling their user’s location data to Placer? Of course, that remains a matter of strict confidentiality.

The human data trafficking business is a $200 billion per year industry. Investors think it will be a gold mine as their name indicates. Pure gold is found when Placer.ai mines your GPS location. “Location is essential to the application” according to the Placer.ai sales team. This is absolutely true.

Geofencing is only useful because your location is known. Placer’s technology is brilliantly developed for tracking anything that moves, your name and your identification doesn’t matter. Your digital identity is unique and not unlike a crypto coin in a blockchain.

psychographics sī″kə-grăf′ĭks noun

  1. Demographic research that studies population groups with respect to psychological attributes, such as values or attitudes, as for marketing purposes.
  2. The data obtained from such research.
  3. The use of demographics to obtain marketing data from people’s attitudeslifestyles etc.

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition. More at Wordnik

You’ve all been demographically identified and psycho-analyzed by something called “Psychographic Data”. We wonder when they’ll simplify things by ratting out anyone engaging in “Wrong Think”.

Precise location data is essential to Placer’s application. Without historical location data from millions of cell phone users, Placer.ai would not exist. In a technologically ideal world, App developers would be prohibited by law from selling your location data, just as HIPPA mandates that your medical records are prohibited from being sold or disclosed to a third party.

Office of Director of National Intelligence, Panel on Commercially Available Information

The volume and sensitivity of CAI have expanded in recent years mainly due to the advancement of digital technology, including location-tracking and other features of smartphones and other electronic devices, and the advertising-based monetization models that underlie many commercial offerings available on the Internet. Although CAI may be “anonymized,” it is often possible (using other CAI) to deanonymize and identify individuals, including U.S. persons

In addition, the surveillance of the people of the United States by any corporation or government agency, be it federal, state or local agency, using third party location data mined by resellers such as Placer.ai, is clearly an illegal back door method that enables local law enforcement agencies to surveil anyone at any time or place without a search warrant.

Please read the declassified Report by the Office of Director of National Intelligence for more information (below). The threat to our national security is real regardless of who is doing it. The rapidly developing technology surrounding the reselling of your location data must be stopped by Congress. The battle against “Smart Cities” has just begun.

Please contact Speaker McCarthy and demand that Congress take action to address the issue of human data trafficking and the reselling of precise GPS location data before it’s too late. This is madness.

Finally, please take a few minutes to read Helen Tomlin’s wonderful opinion piece in Friday’s edition of The News Review. Will the Ridgecrest City Council eat the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge or the Tree of Liberty?

“From the Tree of Liberty, you may freely eat, but from the Tree of Knowledge you shall not eat, for on that day you eat from it, the freedom of your town shall surely die.”

I’ll make a bet that your social and civic life will be much better without a cell phone glued to your face. Get into the habit of leaving yours at home or turn it off. You’ll be glad you did. I wouldn’t bet on Placer.ai in any case.

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