UPDATE April 25, 2023 – FORMER CALIFORNIA FARMER Says BIDEN-OSHA Is Trying To “Kill Off The American Farmer”, California’s Eminent Scholar and Historian VICTOR DAVIS HANSON Explains How Climate Alarmists Are “Giving You The Finger” With Water

We fixate only on the irrelevant that we think we can address while ignoring the existential we know we no longer can solve… Victor Davis Hanson: Fiddling America Away

April 25, 2023 Update

April 12, 2023 (Originally published)

Inyo County and Owen’s Lake, California

We’ll use this date and location as a waypoint on California’s suicidal road to ruin. We’re almost to our destination, and that’s hell on earth to paraphrase Victor Davis Hanson.

Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc talk about California Water on a very wet year, Biden at the border and his classified documents, and renaming of military bases.

Hanson is the author of hundreds of articles, book reviews, scholarly papers, and newspaper editorials on matters ranging from ancient Greek, agrarian and military history to foreign affairs, domestic politics, and contemporary culture. He has written or edited 26 books.

The Victor Davis Hanson Show

California’s Global Fascist-Nazis know that if you can control water and energy, you can control California’s economy and make big bucks in the process. SGMA solves nothing and it certainly has nothing to do with sustainability of groundwater.

Do you trust the “settled science” of the climate alarmists, and aren’t they more appropriately called climate fascists?

The media aren’t asking Gavin Newsom how much money he lost when SVB failed, but we’d like to know how much money he and his fascist cronies made leading up to the collapse of his scum laden bank and how much they’re making on the war on your energy and water supplies.

We know a lot about fascism. We have plenty of it in the City of Ridgecrest. Mayor Eric Bruen is the CEO of Desert Valleys Federal Credit Union. They just hired councilman Solomon Rajaratnam to manage business lending for the company. Councilman Kyle Blades is a civilian employee of the Department of Defense and Skip Gorman is a retired civil servant himself. The City currently operates like a department of the Credit Union, complete with interviews of City Staff on the Desert Valley’s Youtube page.

The Groundwater Authority is the end-result of what Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum calls “Stakeholder” capitalism. You are all making money the old fashioned way, you’re stealing it, along with our water. It’s not capitalism, and it’s certainly not democratic in any sense of the word.

You’ve all been lied to for so long many of you actually believe the bullshit that “climate change” is caused by humans and cows. It’s not. Climate alarmism is fear-porn and it’s being used to restrict your use of oil, gas, energy, food and water. All of you are complicit in these crimes, and they are crimes. RGS can go to back to Santa Barbara and tell Al Gore to suck on it.

It’s pure fascism and we will own nothing and be happy, or so we’re told. The fascists are feeding at the trough, the game is rigged, and the “speculators” in California’s water wars are making a killing.

Now the LA Times is informing us that California’s water rights laws are antiquated and racist:

It’s an arcane system of water law that dates back to the birth of California — an era when 49ers used sluice boxes and water cannons to scour gold from Sierra Nevada foothills and when the state government promoted the extermination of Native people to make way for white settlers.

If that’s not enough, today California’s Indian tribes are meeting in Sacramento to discuss water issues.

The Summit will convene Tribal, State, and Federal leaders to discuss water issues and strategies towards watershed resilience of California’s sacred waters. Space is limited and priority will be given to Tribal leaders and Federal/State representatives. (aka Stakeholders)

I’d like to ask the Tribes how they feel about the Department of Defense using a Doctrine called Federal Reserve Water Rights as a legal strategy in the confiscation of their federal reserve water rights which is the essence of the legal doctrine in the first place. Does anyone see the irony in this?

I doubt even the tribes are aware of what’s going on and if they are, why should they trust anything the State of California’s environmentalists say or do while they save the planet.

I’d also ask the LA Times who’s doing the exterminating? (Please see our letter to the Kern County Sheriff regarding the experimental gene therapy called the Covid-19 mRNA “vaccine” below)

SGMA is nothing more than an assault against the owners of private property and a confiscatory scheme to force private property owners and water district ratepayers to pay for infrastructure they don’t want and can’t afford in order to import water from the State’s corrupt water “futures” market. You’re going to pay for this abortion forever.

It’s all in the name of climate change and “sustainability” is the environmentalist’s mantra. You aren’t sustaining anything but your cash flow.

We won’t forget the response from someone on the “staff” of the Groundwater Authority when he hurled an “F-Bomb” at the representative of the Indian Wells Valley Water district a little over a year ago. (see post below) Whoever it was, he’s not only a cowardly punk, he’s representative of the Fascists living in Santa Barbara and San Francisco and he’s the epitome of the IWV Groundwater Authority.

April 12, 2023 IWVGA Meeting – Public Comments begin at 1:37:25 AND 1:49:37 (Don’t miss them)

To Mr. F-Bomb at the GA, Regional Government Services and Capitol Core, as well as the City of Ridgecrest, Gavin Newsom and Sacramento, this finger is for you.

Nuclear Finger courtesy of Mr. Karl Denninger of The Market Ticker (bookmark if you dare)

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