UPDATE April 4, 2023 – Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco: The Political Ideology In California Is 100% Responsible For California’s Descent Into Lawlessness

“Support your County Sheriff”

Update April 4, 2023 Riverside Fire Captain Dies Suddenly Playing Hockey. Yes, he was jabbed.

Originally Published February 24, 2023

Riverside, California

California has descended into a state of lawlessness according to Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco (and anyone that lives there).

In an interview with California Insider hosted by Siyamak Khorrami, Sheriff Bianco tells the story of two of his deputies who were recently shot to death in the line of duty. Deputy Darnell Calhoun was killed on January 14th while responding to a domestic violence call and Deputy Isaiah Cordero was killed last December during a simple traffic stop by a felon that was given early release in violation of California’s “Three-Strikes” law. In both cases, the deputies had no indication or time to react before they were suddenly shot dead.

Why California Can’t Stop The Rise Of Lawlessness – California Insider Interviews Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco

Governor Gavin Newsom hasn’t met with California’s 58 County Sheriffs in the five years he’s been in office, unlike his predecessors who met with the sheriffs every two months.

Newsom thinks he’s going on to bigger and better things. We hope to see him living under a bridge in Pacoima, pennyless and starving with a government supplied syringe sticking out of his arm.

California’s Attorney General, a limp-dick named Bonta, is just another “woke” Attorney General who’s opened an investigation of Sheriff Bianco’s department for “civil rights” violations. Via Gatewaypundit.com, we learn that Bonta is a true piece of crappola:

Amid “concerning levels of in-custody deaths and allegations of misconduct” by the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, California Attorney General Rob Bonta announced Thursday that his office has opened a civil rights investigation into the law enforcement agency.

Sheriff Bianco’s response to the AG: “It’s a political stunt”:

Sheriff Bianco says the investigation comes as a “shock” and he has recorded a statement in response to the Attorney General’s investigative action. “We have nothing to hide” said Sheriff Bianco, calling it a “political stunt” by an AG with hopes to take the place of Tyrant Newsom. Governor Slick intends to vacate the Governor’s palace in order lose to Trump in 2024.

Sheriff Chad Bianco, a True American Hero, wins the coveted One-Finger Salute Award:

We’re happy to give Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco our “One Finger” Salute Award which is our tribute to the Sheriffs of California who’ve given politicians like Newsom and now Bonta, the good ole’ “One-finger” salute.

In addition to speaking truth to power, Sheriff Bianco was among California’s County Sheriffs who refused to enforce government mandates for the Covid-19 mRNA experimental gene therapy injections. He’s a true hero and likely saved many lives because of his public stance against mandates:

The County Sheriff is Our Last Line of Defense

And how about an encore for our priescent post “The County Sheriff is our last line of defense” where you’ll read how two previous recipients of the “One-Finger” Award, Sheriff William Honsal of Humbolt County and Sheriff Don Barnes of Orange County, have responded to the seditious Governor of the failing State of California, Gavin “Nation-State” Newsom:

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