The County Sheriff is Our Last Line of Defense (Originally Published May 6, 2020)

Originally published May 6, 2020 and updated February 3, 2023 with *COMPLAINT* to Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood.


February 2, 2023

Re: Covid-19 mRNA Injections *COMPLAINT*

To: Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood,

Dear Sheriff Youngblood,

It is hoped that the following videos and statements from multiple doctors and experts in their fields will provide your department with sufficient information to establish probable cause to search and seize all mRNA Covid-19 vials from Kern County medical providers that have been produced by Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZenica, BioNTech and Janssen.

Pfizer’s mRNA Covid-19 “vaccine” is a likely a bioweapon. Supporting information is available from multiple sources outside the mainstream media as the information from multiple doctors and researchers below show.

Elected representatives in Kern County have a duty and moral obligation to demand an end to the Covid-19 mRNA jabs immediately. You have the Constitutional authority to stop the distribution and injection of fraudulent mRNA gene therapy in Kern County, State of California.

Sheriff Youngblood, you are the County Sheriff and the last line of defense as the duly elected Constitutional authority and Law Enforcement officer in Kern County.

This is my “COMPLAINT”. I urgently request that you give this most serious matter your immediate attention.

I assert that the following information has been produced by reputable sources and experts in their fields,

Mike Sinnott, Kern County Resident

March 20, 2020: California Becomes First State To Lockdown March 20, 2020

“The County Sheriff Is Our Last Line of Defense”

Ridgecrest CA, May 6th, 2020. City Council Meeting

During the Pandemic, we’ve heard Governor Gavin Newsom repeatedly call California a “nation-state”. Think about that for a second… he thinks… and ACTS as though California IS a “Nation-State”. Have we seceded from the Union without firing a shot?

Governor Newsom was one of the first Governors in the country to order a “shelter-in-place”.

Most people in Ridgecrest weren’t affected by the Pandemic, it’s our old normal. Walmart is still open. Most businesses are still open. If you want flowers, Walmart will sell them to you. If you want cigarettes, Walmart will sell them to you. To the flower shop owner and the smoke shop owner: You are non-essential according to the State and Ridgecrest Police. To the bicycle shop and the automative repair shop, why are you essential?

There’s your “new normal”, the arbitrary and capricious enforcement of unconstitutional orders from the Governor. Now we know that any small business can be categorized as “non-essential” and shut down indefinitely by the police in a fear-driven state of emergency. How long will this go on? The governor is saying things won’t return to normal until a vaccine is developed. We’re still waiting for AIDS and SARS vaccines.

Ridgecrest had serious problems before the earthquakes and pandemic, and now is the time for the Indian Wells Valley to address some serious issues within the City of Ridgecrest, issues that affect us all.

Many years ago, supporters of local police departments had a slogan “support your local police and keep them Local!”. The Ridgecrest Police Department consumes 70% the city’s budget every year. Year after year, it grows and becomes more expensive and requires more taxes.

Many of the upset business owners calling into the Townhall last week complained that their civil and constitutional rights were being violated.

When Governor Newsom ordered the beaches closed last weekend, Don Barnes, who’s the Orange County Sheriff, said that he is “not taking enforcement action on this order”. He was waving the American flag and giving the governor a good-ole one-finger salute!

How does the county sheriff do that? Who gives him the authority to overrule the governor?

The answer is WE THE PEOPLE and the Constitution of the United States of America. This is the most important thing to understand today: The County Sheriff is the only law enforcement authority entrusted to protect your constitutional rights, and he is ELECTED BY YOU and swears an oath to faithfully defend the Constitution, the Law of the Land.

Last week, the Sheriff of Modoc County announced that the County would remove “lock-down” orders and allow businesses to reopen with social distancing and occupancy limits.

The Sheriff of Humbolt County, William Honsal said “as Sheriff, I am the protector of constitutional rights in Humbolt County, and if an order is issued that I believe violates our constitutional rights, I will not enforce it.”

Well there ya’ go Governor, that’s ONE BIG FINGER TIMES TWO.

Many cities chose to contract with the County Sheriff for Law Enforcment. Orange County provides law enforcment for 13 cities. The Kern County Sheriff has provided law enforcement City of Wasco for two decades. Lancaster has implemented a hybrid-policing model with the Los Angeles County Sheriff. The hybrid model combines the best of local community policing with the Sheriff making the arrests and providing the bulk of law enforcement duties.

If there was only ONE reason the City of Ridgecrest would finally decommission the Ridgecrest Police Department and hire the Sheriff what would it be? To save some money? It will. To reduce inefficiency and unnecessary duplication with the County Sheriff? That too. We don’t need two police departments, especially when one protects your rights and the other violates your rights.

Our government was founded as Constitutional Republic. The Rule of Law means something. I don’t support the idea of Local Police if it means you won’t protect and serve and instead act like tyrants. While we’re all brushing up on the Constitution, don’t forget to read the Bill of Rights.

An angry caller to last weeks “Town Hall” asked the Ridgecrest Police Chief who she could call to protect her constitutional rights. The Chief said that he was “following orders”, and had no other answer. The Mayor said “we don’t control the Police” but offered no answer. You’d think they would know better.

I don’t know about you but that should send shivers down your spine. I’m sure most of you missed it or are too young to know what’s inferred by “following orders”. No offense to the Chief whom I like and respect, but where have we heard that before?

This is moment in history when the LAW loses RESPECT, and when reciting the Pledge of Allegiance becomes hypocrisy on it’s face. Just replace United States of America with the “nation-state of California” and the Bill of Rights with nothing but lip service.

(I was cut-off by Mayor Breeden at this point, with no speakers to follow and 45 minutes remaining for public comment. The meeting was closed to the public with the exception of reporters from the Daily Independent and News Review. I was outside the building sitting on the City Hall sign reading. The Council was not practicing safe distancing. Start watching the video at 22:00.)

By the way, the caller was a teenager! There’s hope!

Reject anything the MSM calls a “New Normal”, unless it mean less government and more personal responsibility. Only you can keep yourself safe

We’ve set an extremely dangerous precendent with the new terms “shelter-in-place” and “non-essential”. We accepted the destruction of our economy in order to keep us safe and hospitals from becoming overwhelmed with millions of sick and dying. The scientists have been predictably, horribly wrong. And we cowered in fear of their gospel, and the models which were based on nothing except lies from China.

We are in a State of War and China is the aggressor. Seditious words from Governor Newsom and his supra-majority, one-party “nation-state” have only made matters worse. I’m not afraid of a virus but I absolutely do fear the Governor. As Americans, we should all be outraged at his behavior and his failure to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. He is violating his oath every single day.

All of us need to write on the chalk board 100 times: Our Constitutional rights CANNOT be indefinitely suspended by a Governor for any reason. The County Sheriff is our last line of defense.

May God Bless America

Ridgecrest City Council Meeting 5/6/2020

AMAZING VIDEO: 9/11/2021 A Good Day To Remember – The County Sheriff is Our Last Line of Defense (Brevard County Sheriff)

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