Kern County, California

February 27, 2023 12:30 pm PST

I talked to a woman last week and she told me a very sad story. She lives in Bakersfield and her daughter got the Covid-19 mRNA jab last month. Her daughter is now paralyzed and learning to walk again. The doctors diagnosed Guillain-Barre syndrome, one of the hundreds if not thousands of types of adverse reactions and making the rounds at hospitals everywhere.

We’ve become desensitized to both the death and illness around us as well as the violence on the streets. We are in the midst of what could be described as state of national shock, and we’re still under constant fear due to Covid, Russians, CCP spy balloons or Trump’s return to the White House.

In that context, together with the cancel culture and mainstream media brainwashing, it’s easy to understand why few people are willing to stand up and talk about death or injuries due to the jab. Most of you either took the jab willingly or were coerced. Some of you were complicit in pushing it. Maybe you feel guilty or stupid, or maybe you don’t. Maybe you had a reaction or you were lucky and haven’t suffered. All of us know of someone who has either been injured or died by the jab.

People are still dying and the government is still pushing the mRNA injections. Some companies including hospitals are still mandating them. Why? I talked to a nurse from New Mexico a few weeks ago. She says her hospital has a list of nearly 3,000 different types of “adverse events”. I don’t know if that’s true or not, why would she lie? She didn’t even want to talk about it at first because she wasn’t sure where I fell on the vax or not-to-vax side of the issue. She’s had three mandated shots thus far.

The risk of dying from Covid-19 was small, but that’s not what CDC told you. The data now shows the jab is more deadly than the disease. Many experts in the medical profession tried to tell you, but they were censored and banished from society.

We don’t need to engage in political trash talking while speaking truth to power in this post. This is what the five members of the Kern County Board of Supervisors and the Kern County Sheriff should do. We can be hopeful they’ll make the right decision, but it’s highly likely nothing will be done, they’ll keep quiet and let the storm pass and more people will die or get sick, and the rest will just surrender and accept the consequences of anything the government mandates.

What if we, that is the people of Kern County California, had the opportunity to reverse California’s descent into lawlessness amidst widespread political and government corruption?

Elected representatives must first shed any delusions they may have about Dominion’s “black-box” machines or Pfizer’s murderous and injurious mRNA injections. This isn’t about politics it’s about trust and in the case of the jabs, saving lives.

By now you should know the truth or you’re not paying attention. This is a “no-brainer” and you can trust the following plan of action as the right thing to do:

  1. SUPPORT your Local Sheriff. Sieze the Covid-19 mRNA vials, they’re the smoking gun.
  2. STOP the drug pushing, both for deadly Fentanyl pills and deadly, injurious mRNA injections.
  3. CANCEL all of Kern County’s Covid-19 mRNA injection-pushing programs immediately.
  4. FIGHT for same-day voting, paper ballots, hand counting and absentee ballots on request.

California’s election systems are corrupted beyond repair and cancelling the Dominion contract is a necessary first step in the direction of restoring trust in our elections.

If you took the jab, you should be pissed, whether or not you’ve been injured or think you are safe and protected. You’ve been lied to by the professionals, tv experts and the science since day one of the “pandemic”. It was, after all is said and done, not a “vaccine”. It is, in fact, a DNA-modifying bioweapon, and “they” are not done with you yet.

Two Issues With The Same “Global” Stripes

Finally, it’s not a matter for debate anymore. It’s a demand, the people’s mandate: STOP Kern County’s mRNA “Covid-19 vaccine” advertising and distribution program NOW, and call the County Sheriff. The evidence is clear and irrefutable.

If you’ve been vilified by someone calling you “vax-denier”, an “election-denier” or in the words of Supervisor Jeff Flores “sick”, then you’ll know who is complicit in the corruption and death as well as California’s descent into lawlessness. Those people don’t give a damn about your life, health or freedoms and they won’t listen to the facts. They just care about power and money, and they’ll do or say anything to get it. They can all go to hell.

Kern County will earn a place in history by turning the tide against Pfizer, Dominion. and Global-Fascism. Anyone on the Board of Supervisors that votes for the continuance of the Covid-19 mRNA injection program or the Dominion contract should resign their seat and let someone who has some guts take their place.