DIED SUDDENLY: California’s “Election Season” Is Almost Over While The Great Global Dirt-Nap Is Just Beginning

Nobody Wins, Everybody Loses”

November 22, 2022

Ridgecrest, California

The 2022 “election season” is almost over, and we can declare that California’s mail-in and ballot harvesting election system is corrupted beyond repair. It’s why 79% of the registered voters in Kern County didn’t bother to fill out a ballot and drop it in the mail and it’s why you waited for ten days to find just 71% of the ballots counted.

Finally, really truly, we can almost say the “results are final” and declare the winners with just 3,376 ballots left to process in Kern County. We’ve decided we won’t declare winners until the votes are counted.

Unofficial “Final” Results

On November 8th, the polls closed at 8 p.m. and The Daily Independent newspaper declared Bruen the winner the next day, while failing to mention that only 33% of the votes had been counted. It wasn’t necessarily their fault, they can blame their ignorance on the Kern County Election department for publishing “Unofficial Final Results” early in the morning on November 9th. This was not a simple or innocent mistake. It’s part of the script, Kevin McCarthy had already declared victory and skidaddled back to DC to claim his seat as Speaker of the House.

Who gave the media the authority to declare winners before the votes are counted? The Daily Independent declared Ridgecrest Mayor Eric Bruen the winner with only 30% of the votes counted! That sounds like misinformation to us.

The DI was hiding behind the “unofficial final results”, as per the County Recorder’s masthead, to make their call. It took both of them three days to correct their mastheads and whether or not it was malicious misinformation or just plain ignorance and incompetence is not the point. They were both lying to you for three full days after the election. The results were not final and the Kern County Election department and The Daily Independent failed to inform you.

To further mislead you, note that each race shows “Completed Precincts”. Well that settles it, the results are final and 100% of the precints have reported as of November 9, 2022 at 2:14:22 AM. The misleading, non-truthful, unbelievable masthead is below:

If you have any doubts about how thoroughly corrupted the system is, take a look at Arizona or Pennsylvania. From start to finish, the entire system is rigged like a stageplay, while the media and newspapers look the other way or pretend that all’s well and there’s no hanky-panky. That’s not to say there’s a hint of fraud in this election, the whole system is a fraud. You already know that and it’s likely why 79% of you didn’t vote in Kern County.

Arizona has quite a mess on its hands. Kari Lake hasn’t conceded the race for Governor of Arizona and the Attorney General of Arizona has some questions he wants answered before the election is certified. Lake told DailyMail.com “it vindicated her decision to fight on” even though the Associated Press and other news organizations called the race for her opponent Kati Hobbs, a Soros funded lackey and the current Secretary of State in charge of the elections!

Here’s an idea for a new law: place all the candidates and the media in a locked storage room until all the votes are counted. They can’t hold election night parties and they can’t even utter the words “win” or “victory” until all the votes are counted. Only then will you see some serious vote counting and the end of mail-in ballots, drop-boxes and postal workers dumping ballots in ditches. This will only change if you demand it, but why bother, you have more important things to worry about.

To the despicable politicians and most notably the Mayor of Ridgecrest, Eric “vax-mandate” Bruen, this one’s for you:

November 21, 2022

Speaking of depopulation experiments, fifth generation warfare, and fraud-enablers, do you think the Kern County Board of Supervisors are doing anything about our corrupt election system or care whether your family and your community are being ravaged by a bioweapon? How about Congressman Kevin McCarthy or one of his hand-picked underlings, State Senator Shannon Grove or Assemblyman Vince Fong? If people dropping dead left and right won’t get the politican’s attention, nothing will.

Perhaps someone in the media will ask questions and demand answers? Does California even have a state or county level GOP organization? Have McCarthy’s Republicans abandoned you to die in the waterless Mojave Desert, the Democrat’s dumping ground, a wasteland comprised of solar farms, pot farms, windmills, military reservations and prisons? It’s Gavin “Nation-state” Newsom’s fault, the Democrat’s fault and it’s your fault if you’re a Republican who didn’t vote to throw the bums out, including McCarthy and Bruen.

Below you’ll find all the posts we’ve written during the City of Ridgecrest Council election season, but the story is really about a system that is failing the voters and a news media that ignores the reality and lies to you, whether it be by commission or omission. When it comes to voting you, dear reader, have more important things to worry about.

Update 11/24/2022 This is how it’s done in Arizona

Update 11/26/2022 This is extremely dangerous to our Democracy:

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