UPDATE 11/10/22 Kern County Elections Trainwreck: “The majority of votes have not yet been counted”

UPDATE 11/10/22 Kern County Elections Trainwreck: “The majority of votes have not yet been counted”

Current Unofficial “Final” Results as of 11/9/2022 at 2:14:22 a.m.

On Thu Nov 10 06:52:13 PST 2022
Mike Sinnott
Publisher Roadrunner 395.com
Sent the following letter thru email:

To: All City Council Candidates, City Council, Kern County Elections, Daily Independent and News Review
Re: Corrupted beyond repair

What do you say about California’s mail-in voting system? The majority of votes in Kern County haven’t been counted yet (as of 6:00 a.m. this morning).

Mail-in voting has thoroughly corrupted California’s election process, and newspapers like The Daily Independent lie to you with no consequences. No Mr. John Watkins, Publisher of The Daily Independent, Mayor Bruen has NOT been re-elected and Measure “P” has not passed.

Citing “unofficial final results” from the Kern County Elections webpage, it’s obvious today that the results are not final. That’s a lie coming straight from the County and The Daily Independent. It does not matter that Mayor Bruen might win, it’s that The Daily Independent is perpetuating the lie by hiding behind the “unofficial FINAL results” and obscuring the corruption by making you think otherwise.

As of today, nearly 36 hours after the polls have closed:

The “majority” of ballots have not yet been counted in Kern County.

Upwards of 90% of the total votes are mail-in votes or same-day drop box votes. Unless mail-in votes were mailed in via USPS by Friday or Saturday before election day, they have not yet been counted.

What can you do about this? Will you remain silent going forward? Why do you think voter participation in California is so pathetically low?

Do you realize that Kevin McCarthy, ostensibly the next Speaker of the House, will be re-elected with less than 75,000 total votes in a District spanning Kern County and parts of Tulare County. Kern County has 925,000 residents.

Now would be a good time to voice your concerns. If you don’t speak up about it, nothing will change. You can’t rely on The Daily Independent to inform you about issues such as election integrity, covid or groundwater. The Daily Independent is only concerned with maintaining the status quo, towing the company line and selling a few papers while kissing McCarthy’s ass for some advertising dollars every two years.

The election system in California is corrupted beyond repair, and The Daily Independent will be the last one to tell you the news.

Mike Sinnott, Publisher

Note: Drop-box votes, i.e. those votes deposited in a drop-box at a polling place on voting day, have not been counted either.

corruption kə-rŭp′shən noun

  1. The act or process of corrupting.
  2. The state of being corrupt.
  3. Decay; rot.

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition. More at Wordnik


Next posting of Unoffical Elections Results: Friday, November 11, 2022

Estimated ballots remaining to be processed: 106,683

  • Mail Ballots: 104,057
  • Provisional Ballots: 1,972
  • Conditional Voter Registration Ballots: 554
  • Other (including unprocessed ballots that are damaged, need to be remade, or require further review): 100

Unacceptable: Only 33% of Kern County’s ballots have been counted as of today, Thursday November 10th, at 5:00 p.m. We estimate over 6,000 ballots remain to be counted from the City of Ridgecrest, with only 2,390 total ballots counted for Mayor thus far.

We estimate approximately 55,000 ballots have been counted by the Kern County Elections department as of today. We used the statewide contests as total counted ballots.The remaining number of ballots to be processed is 106,683. This means that 66% of the Kern County vote has yet to be counted. Someone please tell the DI the election isn’t over.

Mayor Eric Bruen has won re-election and Measure P has passed, according to the unofficial final results from the Kern County Elections Division, posted at 2:14 a.m. Wednesday.

Bruen had 1,298 votes, 56.21%, while Thomas Wiknich had 1,011 votes, 43.79%. Write-in candidate John “JD” Zipp had none.

Loren Scott Hayman led all vote-getters for city council with 1,124 votes, 29.92%, while John “Skip” Gorman had 1,066, 28.37%. The top two win election. Following were Christopher Ellis with 975 votes, 25.95%, and Scott Miller with 592 votes, 15.76%.

The Daily Independent, November 9, 2022

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