Wastewater Treatment Facility-City of Ridgecrest Sewer System

The City’s new Wastewater Treatment Facility is to be built on Navy property someday but nobody knows the terms of the deal.

If you live in Ridgecrest, you’ve been paying for it for 8 years. If you sell today, you just gave away 8 years of payments for something you never used.

07/01/2020 UPDATE: Well, Ron Strand, City Manager in charge of everything, has done it again. The City Council voted 5-0 for a SEWER fee (tax increase) to be applied only to Commercial property owners and tenants. He proudly pointed out the example of the LAUNDROMAT that will pay more, but don’t you homeowner’s worry. What do you think the Laundromat owner will do Ron? (He’ll raise the prices poor people pay to wash their clothes in case you missed it).

“Small business is the backbone of the community” – Mayor Peggy Breeden (voted yes).

Negotiations are a big secret.

It’s a bad deal for the City and it’s your money…

This is a Strategy to temporarily halt negotiations between the City and Navy and to re-evaluate the entire project. Documents and other information are found below:

Project: Wastewater Treatment Facility – City of Ridgecrest and U.S. Navy

The residents and property owners of Ridgecrest have been paying $30 per month for 8 years to build a new sewage treatment facility.

The City has accumulated nearly $30 million dollars for the construction of the facility, now estimated to be ???

The City Manager is negotiating in secret with the U.S. Navy for an easement to construct the facility on Navy land. Perhaps this should be part of the negotiations too:

Project: The China Lake Golf Course – Discussion White Paper on the golf course and quality of life in Ridgecrest

The facility will become the Navy’s property in ?? years.

The treated wastewater, estimated to be ???? acre feet of non-potable water but qualifies to be used as “imported water” for purposes of the GA GSP.

HINT!! There’s a million acres out there and it has a plenty of water underground, enough to last this town 100 years. Do you think the Navy could dig a well or two out there somewhere and replenish our local water district?

So after all is said and done, the Navy will have it’s golf course, a new sewage treatment facility, all the water it needs with plenty in reserve, and we’re left high and dry and paying for it. And we still have Wherry.

Wherry Housing Redevelopment