IWV Groundwater Authority – Agenda Project

No photographs needed but we’ll throw some in the mix anyway.

The IWVGA has approved a Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP) and is now implementing the whole mess with borrowed money (from you).

Stop implementing the flawed Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP) pending litigation against both the Groundwater Authority and the State of California…


The Navy’s claim that they have Federal Reserve Water Rights is doubtful (BS) and should be challenged. Who will do so? Not Supervisor Mick Gleason and the IWVGA

06/18/20 Groundwater Authority Engineer’s Report Packet (pdf)

02/21/19 US Navy asserts Federal Reserve Water Rights in letter to GA (pdf)

01/08/19 Mojave Pistachios says GA-GSP lacks scientific or factual support (pdf)

01/08/19 Searles Valley Minerals Objects to GA-GSP in letter to IWVWD (pdf)