CALIFORNIA IN COLLAPSE, It’s a Process Not An ‘Unprecedented’ Event (Thanks To Wokeness and Governor Newsom)

Think of all of the things happening in the State of California, none of them good. The events of the last four years have taken their toll on the Golden State, and it’s only getting worse.

From massive fires and drought, to unprecedented snowfall and flooding, the State of California is slowly recovering from the winter snowfall and subsequent flooding while scrambling to fix highways such as those that have collapsed into the steep canyons of the high Sierra’s parks and forests. For some, it’s happy summer solstice and the ski slopes at Mammoth Mountain are still open. And for others, a celebration on July 4th.

unprecedented ŭn-prĕs′ĭ-dĕn″tĭd adjective

  1. Having no previous example.
  2. Having no precedent or example; not preceded by a like case; not having the authority of prior example; novel; new; unexampled.
  3. Never before seen or done, without precedent.

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition. More at Wordnik

Pictured above and below is an image that best captures the current situation in the State of California.

State Route 180, the main route into King’s Canyon National Park. The back half of the park will be closed all year while Caltrans is unable to assess the damages leading into the canyon from the Hume Lake turnoff. This collapse is just the first, and the road is completely washed out before reaching popular Boyden Cavern. This collapse won’t be easy to fix, the road is essentially cut into a near-vertical granite cliff with a thousand feet of rockslide below:

King’s Canyon National Park – State Route 180 east of Hume Lake turnoff.

Whether it be fire, rain, snow or just plain incompetence, the many agencies involved in managing these issues are moving at a snails pace. The word “unprecedented” is heard regularly, just before the words “climate change”, as the excuse for said incompetence and lack of preparedness. It’s easier to let the fires burn during a drought and allow drain culverts to become clogged in a winter runoff than to admit that the only thing unprecedented is the lack of California’s preparedness and emergency response to these endless issues.

Don’t believe for a minute that any of this is unprecedented or unexpected. See solar cycles and search “Maunder minimum” for more details. It was very predictable. Look for more of the same for the next few years.

Tulare and Fresno Counties are managing the Spring runoff and Tulare Lake has re-appeared after a decades-long absence.

Just last week we attended a townhall in the old mountain town of Badger that was standing room only. There wasn’t much to report, other than a number of the locals were very frustrated with the lack of response to seemingly minor issues such as snow removal from the snow plow plowing snow into their driveways, potholes in turnouts causing major front end damage, and a fire near the local dump that was put out by an elderly local resident instead of the CalFire fire station just down the road.

Typical of a system in breakdown, GPS directions are sending tour buses and summer camping groups up and down a single lane cliffhanger instead of the main route from Three Rivers leading up to the giant Sequoias and Grant’s Grove. We can hear the cussing from Fresno.

Governor Gavin Newsom has a shitshow on his hands. and he’s running a shadow campaign for President at the same time. We heard he was sunning his lilly white ass in Cancun when people were freezing to death in San Bernardino. What a scumbag.

Gavin’s called out the National Guard in a feeble and belated attempt to stem the flow of San Francisco into the sewer, and while major retailers are fleeing the State nobody seems to care that rural hospitals are closing due to being overburdened by the poor and poorer middle class and all those boomers on Medicare and Medical.

The old folks that survived the CDC’s treatment guidelines have a host of new ailments to deal with, if they have been injected with the experimental, deadly and injurious mRNA gene therapy. How’s that for a double-whammy thank you very much. They make you sick with an untested “vaccine” then they close the hospitals.

The Governor and Sacramento have succeeded in turning a $30 billion budget surplus into a $30 billion deficit in one year. His beloved Silicon Valley Bank went boobs up, Musk bought Twitter and laid everyone off, and State Farm and Allstate insurers have ceased writing new homeowner’s policies. Satanic-woke Hollywood is burning in it’s filth, and San Francisco downtown is a ghost town.

California’s prisons are also being closed. And you wonder why the State is descending into lawlessness?

Klaus Schwab, the lead boogeyman for the climate changers, has told us we will own nothing and be happy. In California, the government owns you, and you will be happy and you will not own anything or buy anything that doesn’t meet approved New World Order guidelines, while you all go deeper into debt until poof! It’s all gone.

We don’t wish to be labelled as “decliners” or doom sayers, and hope you’ll consider the warnings we’ve given you over the last three years to be friendly reminders. Along that line, stock up, hide the women and children from the public school system and pry the cell phone from your face and leave it at home. You’ll be happy you did. You can always come back to it all after you go camping.