CALIFORNIA’S CLIMATE CHANGERS Caught With Their Pants Down By The Pineapple Express, VICTOR DAVIS HANSON Says “Climate Change Has Become a Euphemism for F-you! F-you! F-you!”

Caution! Language!!

April 14, 2023

Bakersfield and Kern County, California

We love Victor Davis Hanson, California’s eminent Scholar and Historian. When smart people talk you should listen.

Below you’ll find a link to an interview with Professor Hanson along with a transcript of the water related portion of the interview. Before we get our two cents worth with our somewhat meaningful dialog, please enjoy the interview:

Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc talk about California Water on a very wet year, Biden at the border and his classified documents, and renaming of military bases.

Hanson is the author of hundreds of articles, book reviews, scholarly papers, and newspaper editorials on matters ranging from ancient Greek, agrarian and military history to foreign affairs, domestic politics, and contemporary culture. He has written or edited 26 books.

The Victor Davis Hanson Show

Hanson gives an overview of California’s “brilliant” aqueduct system with huge reservoirs such as San Luis. California is a desert, the bottom two-thirds of the State and yet it’s a garden.

Question by Sami Wine: What’s the California water situation? Who’s making the choices on when and where to store water? It seems like they’re not filling the reservoirs and letting it go into the delta and out to the ocean.

Victor Davis Hanson: It’s a classic situation where the unelected make decisions that are going to affect the livelihoods of not only Californian’s but the nation.

We’re not filling the reservoirs so we’ve let 9 million acre feet of water go out to the ocean.

Why are they doing this? The environmentalists think it’s a great opportunity to flush out the Delta. It’s a suicidal impulse, like Germany shutting down its natural gas and coal plants.

It’s stunning they would shut this system down and it was never quite finished. It’s a brilliant plan. It was built from roughly 1962 thru the 80’s, but we just stopped in 1983.

Ideology by scientists that are not very scientific. We told the public that there was going to be a continuous drought.

Joe Biden could say turn on the pumps to the aquedects and fill the reservoirs full to the brim. We want them full to the brim.

It wasn’t the California voting public to blame. In 2018 they voted for a water bond. $4 billion of the $8 billion was supposed to be for reservoirs.

What did they do with the $8 billion dollars? It’s been almost 5 years. They did nothing and didn’t build one of the reservoirs. They just tied it allup in the courts, we’ve already spent about $4 billion from the bond and nothing has been built. Why not?

They say it’s climate change. To take them at their word, they say it’s climage change when there’s no water, and it’s climate change when there’s too much water. If there was just the right amount of water would it be climate change then too.

Climate change has become a euphemism for “Fuck you”. Excuse me. F-you, F-you, F-you. We don’t have to listen to you. We don’t have to listen to the voter. We don’t have to listen to anything. We have the “science” on our side, and we’re going to return California to a 19th century natural utopian paradise.

They’re the funniest people in the world. You go into Palo Alto’s Whole Foods and guess what, they’re swarming in there to buy their lettuce, kale, tomatoes, you name it, they love their California produce, their plums their peaches their grapes. Where did that come from? Who grew it?

The listener should realize that when we try to distill these questions to their essense it’s essentially this:

There is the farmer, and he gets up every morning, and he has no idea whether he’s going to get a crop in, so he cultivates, he fertilizes, he sprays, he watches that crop 365 days in that cycle, and he has to pay for insurance and he has to pay workers comp and he has to pay labor and he has to pay for supplies and diesel fuel and equipment and does all that without any guarantee that he’s going to make any money.

And so he becomes conservative, he become cautious, he becomes wary, he’s glued to the weather report, he’s glued to the commodity market report.

There’s nobody else but him. He doesn’t have tenure, he doesn’t have job security, he’s not a creation of civil service. It’s just him, or her.

He’s constrasted with what? People like myself that have tenure. We get up in the morning, and I’ve done both so I think I’m in a pretty good position to tell you that each day that I got up as a full time farmer was very different than as a full-time tenured professor. It is.

These civil servants, these biologists, these state resources managers, they have a pay scale, and they have promotions, and they have job protection and they can say whatever they want, but they’re not going to go broke. And they are the one’s that have all the utopian ideas and to the poor farmer it’s a nightmare.

Everybody’s dependent on the farmer. You take away half the state resource board and its employees and I think we’d be fine. If you take away the farmers in California and we’d starve.

That’s the tension on it. The farmers are saying just honor the law. The law said we created the aqueduct, these were rights, these water districts have claims to the aqueduct water if its there, the pumps should be on, we don’t want anything else, the water’s sky-high, we can barely afford it but we have a right to buy it from the State. Would you please give it to us so we can grow food for you.

And they’re saying “Nah I don’t think so”. I’m more worried about a fish. I’m more worried about oxygen levels in the Delta. I’m more worried about artifically re-introducing Salmon. I kinda like the banks of the Sacramento and San Joaquin to have riparian river life and I’d kinda like to be what we hear about in 1860. And when you have 99% of the people that aren’t farming they’re very susceptable to those dreams.

Our Two Cents

Today we’ll use Bakersfield and Kern County as our next stop on California’s road to shitholeism. Bakersfield is the headquarters and hideout for Congressman Kevin McCarthy, the current Speaker of the House of Representatives. The majority of residents in his district, and for that matter every district in the State, aren’t sure who their congressman is beyond “Democrat” so that explains why someone like Adam Schiff can infest the halls of Congress for so long.

We’re pretty slow here at Roadrunner395 so we thought it would be helpful to start asking the question of whether or not SGMA should be rejected by iniative or repealed in part or whole by the State’s legislature? That ought to make some heads spin. Why? Because everyone’s getting screwed in the process while the country is torn apart by those nefarious globalists, among others.

Doubtful that the world won’t end before the 2024 election, we truly hope Speaker McCarthy or Congress can agree on a replacement strategy across the whole of government, including high level officials in the DOJ, FBI, CIA, DHS, NSA, IRS and so forth.

Anyone in Congress that has half a brain knows this is happening. Someone call the DC cops! We’re all being robbed, and something really bad is happening to America and it’s on purpose if you haven’t already figured it out.

Anyway, to continue our story from Bakersfield, we’re certain that if the State of California was to receive a well deserved enema we’d stick it in, you guessed it, Bakersfield. To be more fair, we’d give a super-sized one to the social justice warriors at Cal State Bakersfield’s Political Science department and tell ’em to smoke a bong and go back to sleep.

We’re hoping we can all feed ourselves after the The Great Reset’s Soros, frontman Klaus and their merry band of CCP-WHO loving Global Fascist-Nazis enslave humanity, start World War Three and take over the world. (The Great Reset: And the War for the World – Kindle edition via Amazon)

Are California’s Reservoirs Full Yet??

Back to water. During the interview which was in January, Hanson described how California’s water managers and environmentalists have flushed 9 million acre feet of water out into the ocean after the first rains came in November of last year, and he answers the question of why the State’s reservoirs weren’t being filled to the brim.

Reservoirs Filled To the Brim? NOT!

We just checked and guess what? They’re still not filled, more than a few are not even close:

Water is one of our favorite topics, and we took the time to listen to Professor Hanson blister California’s water managers, bureaucrats and environmentalists for wasting away $4 Billion dollars of a $9 billion bond that was approved by California voters in 2018. The plan was to build more reservoirs as well as make improvements that adequately supply a population that’s grown to 40 million people.

A few weeks after the interview the State was hit with a series of record-breaking storms called the “pineapple express” that resulted in widespread damage and flooding thoughout the San Joaquin Valley and the Sierra Nevada. Anyone that’s lived in the State long enought knows about drought cycles, then come the storms. It’s been a long drought cycle. Ah, I get it. It’s climate change yessir. Where’s that sea level Al Gore?

California Has A “Brilliant” Canal and Reservoir System

Lake Isabella dam during recent construction, South Pacific Division, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Hanson describes how California’s “brilliant” canal system and the State’s 28 reservoirs bring huge quantities of water from the northern part of the State and the Sacramento Delta where it can then be pumped into the canal system that serves not only the cities but the farmers with plenty of water, as they endeavor to provide you with a bountiful food crop.

The system is brilliantly designed and engineered so that it can be further developed to accomodate 50 or 60 million people.

Whole Foods in Palo Alto, Lefties Eating Kale While They’re Killing You and the Farmers

Of course, the very best food grown in California’s desert turned garden finds its way to Palo Alto’s Whole Foods where those very same screeching biologists turned climate alarmists, not to mention the water resource managers, bureaucrats biologists and assorted engineers are all feeding at the trough of the many new groundwater agencies. The rest are sipping latte’s and eating kale for breakfast while preparing to tell you to f***-off and die from a heart attack caused by “food anxiety” or a alternatively, the deadly and injurious Covid mRNA jab.

Either way works for California’s climate change assholes. It’s those very same type of people that work in the State’s public health systems who are still pushing the\clot-shots. They’re all useful idiots assisting a national suicide that began with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963. Now we know.

We can go on and on, but we’ll make another point. Here’s an article in The Guardian about Kern County’s oil industry fouling the water for the poor hispanic communities in the region, complete with black and white photos of a desolate landscape, rotting housing and squalor. And it’s all because of those nasty oil companies. Do you see where all this is coming from?

Ask yourself who are the bad guys. Is it the big bad oil companies and the farmers sucking up too much water or is it the State of California, Governor Gavin Newsom and the screeching climate changers in San Franciso and Sacramento?

We’ll give you another hint. See the sponsors below? “They” are everywhere. Have a nice day and a great weekend!

For another middle finger and video from the last Indian Wells Valley Groundwater Authority, please see our post from the meeting (Yes, it was posted at the meeting by your humble publisher during the meeting). Oh, we almost forgot: Fuck George Soros and his Open Society Foundations.