AVEK Pipeline Water Import Project – California City to Ridgecrest

November 16th, 2022

Indian Wells Valley, California

The November 9, 2022 meeting of the Indian Wells Valley Groundwater Authority included a presentation by Provost and Pritchard on the proposed AVEK Pipeline Water Import Project.

The Indian Wells Valley Groundwater Authority is also preparing a second-round SGMA Grant Application to the Department of Water Resources for funding various projects including monitoring wells and improvements to the IWV basin’s groundwater model.

The GA hopes to resolve issues concerning criticial data gaps and questions quantifying the annual change of groundwater storage in the basin. The project list includes various activities and GSP implementation projects and the GA is applying for approximately $3,000,000. The application is due by December 16th.

Video begins at 12:58 and includes comments from General Manager Carol Thomas-O’Keefe on the grant application for DWR’s second round of funding.

Steve Johnson of Stetson Engineers is in communication with the IWV Water District regarding potential projects suggested by the IWV Water District. Board Director Stan Rajtora commented he wanted to make sure the water district’s inputs are included. \

The presentation on the AVEK pipeline alignment study includes three different routes for the pipeline and the study is hoped to be completed by December 14th for approval of the selected route by the Board. The TAC will be involved so that the public can be involved in the process of the alignment study.

This post will be updated as needed.

Added IWVGA letter to IWVWD dated 10/21/2022 below.

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