CITY OF RIDGECREST: TOM WIKNICH Asks For Your Support and Your Vote for MAYOR

Thomas Wiknich Mayoral Candidate Announcement

This is Thomas Wiknich and I am running for Mayor of Ridgecrest.

As the Absentee mail in ballots arrive, I would ask for your support and your vote. I’ve tried to let you know my thoughts on the issues the city faces. I have a message that as long as we make conservative financial decisions, we have a good future ahead.

Why I am running for Mayor of Ridgecrest.


I care about Ridgecrest and this community. I’ve lived here since 1979. Our city NEEDS new leadership. In the last two years the City Council and Mayor did VERY little to protect our FREEDOM.

Do you remember all the local businesses that closed for good? A lot of businesses gave up or went bankrupt. Not once did the Mayor or City Council call for an OPEN town hall to invite the people, including business owners, to come to city hall and voice their concerns and complaints about all of the unconstitutional mandates being imposed on us.

They shut off in person meetings. Schools closed. Instead, they just did whatever the County and State TOLD them to do with NO push back at all. NO fighting for us. They could have fought to have the Eastern Sierra Region as a separate pandemic area.

But the county REFUSED to even consider it.

Now the council allows our trash hauler to charge for a HIGHER monthly amount now, based on what the cost will be in 2023.

It’s time for a NEW Council and Mayor that isn’t so afraid of the county and state, that they just roll over. They said they cared about us, but did NOTHING meaningful to help us.

They applied for an 8 million dollar aquatics complex. That FAILED. And they loudly said they have a plan B. But would NOT say what that plan B was. That is UNTIL now. They want to again RAISE the local sales tax for the next NINE years. We cannot afford MORE taxes. If they were sincere about Pinney pool, the city has $1 million right now available that could be used to repair the current pool and make it ADA compliant. We could do that WITHOUT a TAX INCREASE.

ANY future council can spend these tax dollars ANY way they choose.

IMPORTANT info about the proposed tax increase. Spending the funds on a pool is NOT MANDATORY in the way it is currently written.Realize that it is NOT a specific tax increase that MUST be used for fire services or a pool ONLY. This council can promise all they want now. But it is a FACT that the next council or future councils for the next NINE years will be under NO obligation to honor this councils promise. As their promise is NOT MANDATED in the wording of the tax initiative. The next council could decide NOT to build a pool. They will be able to use the funds on ANYTHING they want for the next NINE years. The initiative is not written REQUIRING the funds to be spent on a pool and fire services.

This tax will be putting Ridgecrest at one of the HIGHEST levels of sales tax in OUR state. As people and business’s leave California because of high taxes, now is not the time to raise taxes. NO NEW TAXES!

Check out the “No on Measure P” Facebook site at:

The county wants us to PAY MORE for fire services. But there has been NO open to the public meeting to discuss ALL the internal financial transactions between the City and County. Ridgecrest gets ONLY 6% of property tax collected. While other county cities get OVER 20%. WHY is that? And then they want us to PAY MORE for sales tax. The Sheriff shut down the local jail costing the city to buy MORE transport vehicles and hire MORE transport officers to transport prisoners almost daily. We NEED an independent financial analysis to ALL the financial transactions.


It’s about FREEDOM.

Why I am QUALIFIED to be your Mayor:

I am a former Program/Contract Manager from China Lake.

Former Vice Mayor/ City Council member of Ridgecrest.

I currently own GUNS4US, Ridgecrest Gun Range and KZGN TV

I am President of the Non Profit Ridgecrest Gun Range Association

I am also a veteran and served in the U.S.Army enlisted, 1969 to 1972


My Top 3 Priorities

* Police, Fire Service, Crime Prevention: With the rise in crime our state is seeing, now more than ever before it’s important that the city provide a SAFE AND SECURE city for us to live in. We should increase our funding for police to protect the public.

• Roads, Infrastructure, Water, Pinney Pool: Our roads are in constant need of repair. Our sewer plant is in need of replacement. Time to get it done. Water overdraft needs to be stopped ASAP. Pinney pool should be repaired ASAP

• Transparency: STOP backroom decisions. STOP negotiations behind closed doors. Encourage back/ forth dialog between council and the public when questions asked. NO more public comment REDUCED and CONTROLLED by the City Council at council meetings.

Committments and Statement of Qualifications

1. I want it known that I have signed the optional campaign agreement Code of Fair Campaign Practices to be fair and truthful.

2. I have committed to self funded and to spend less than $2000 on the campaign. I’m not trying to buy your vote, and won’t be beholden to any donors.

3. I will only accept local non political support and endorsements. Outside political and business endorsements are irrelevant to the needs to the people of Ridgecrest. They are only a political power control system to scratch each others backs to control each other. It’s about power. Not about the peoples power.

4. I believe education, experience, qualifications matter to the mayor position. It is only a 2 year term.

5. As a US Army veteran, I learned the importance of team work and leadership.

6. I am a mayoral candidate with private industry, non profit CEO, small business CEO, DOD Program Management experience, and city elected office experience. I’ll be ready day one to work for you.


I believe that the council is rushing to pass one without considering other ways to accomplish what they are talking about doing if it passes.

1. Pinney Pool: YES we NEED a community pool. But there might be a way to have a pool without a tax increase the council has not considered.

2. Fire Services: YES we NEED fire services here. But has a thorough financial analysis been done to warrant a tax increase? No. I’ve not seen any analysis that reviews ALL financial interaction between the city and county. NOT just a cost estimate of what it would cost to have our own fire department. But an analysis of ALL financial in and outs of our budget with the county. Then a comparison of that analysis with other county cities. Only once those numbers are examined, will we be able to determine the appropriate payment the city should provide for fire services.

Important info about proposed tax increase. Spending the funds on a Pool and Fire Services is NOT mandatory the way it is written. Realize that it is NOT a specific tax increase that MUST be used for fire services or a pool. This council can promise all they want now. But it’s a fact that the next council will be under NO obligation to honor this councils promise. As their promise is NOT MANDATED in the wording of the tax initiative. The next council could decide NOT to build a pool. They will be able to use the funds on ANYTHING they want for the next NINE years. It would be different if the initiative was written requiring the funds to be spent on a pool and fire services. But it is NOT written that way.


Bachelor of Science Business Administration,University of Redlands

Associates of Science Business Management, Cuyahoga College

Department of Defense certification Contract and Program Management

Ridgecrest Law School 1 year

California Police Officer training


Ridgecrest Planning Commission

Ridgecrest City Council

Kern Council of Governments Representative

Ridgecrest Representative to LAFCO

City Infrastructure, City Org Committee

Ridgecrest Police Department. Reserve Police Officer

Ridgecrest PACT Volunteer (Police And Community Together)



Owner Ridgecrest Gun Range


Department of Defense Program/Contracts Manager

Raytheon Program Manager


2012 Ridgecrest Council Term Limits and Elected Mayor Initiatives Lead Proponent

President Ridgecrest Gun Range Association

CCW and NRA Certified Shooting Instructor


U.S. Army, 1969 to 1972


Aircraft Owners Pilots Association

Life Member Vietnam Veterans

CCW and NRA Certified Shooting Instructor, Life Member

If you have any questions or comments you’d like to offer, please contact me.

If you’d like to help on the campaign with a yard sign or other volunteering, please contact me.

I can be reached by email, phone, Facebook or by coming by to see me at GUNS4US/ KZGN TV station. Appointments are also welcome.

I will also be going into greater detail as to my positions regarding the Ridgecrest proposed sales tax, Pinney Pool, Trash issues, water issues and other issues facing Ridgecrest on my own personal Facebook site as well as Facebook site: KZGN Political News Discussion Group responding to political questions on the issues.

I respectfully ask for your vote and support.

Thomas Wiknich

409 S. China Lake Blvd

Ridgecrest, CA 93555


Facebook: Thomas Wiknich | Facebook

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