YOUR OPTIONS : Recalls, Protests, Strikes, Slowdowns, Civil Disobedience, Be Fired, Quit Your Job or Move To A State That Protects Your Civil Liberties. Or, you can Join a Class Action Lawsuit and Call Kevin McCarthy! ;)

News and Views from the Indian Wells Valley and the Eastern Sierra in California

We the People Demand Leadership

Mandatory Vaccines, Masks, Lockdowns and Curfews Are Unconstitutional and


California Communist Party (CCP)

If you are reading this, you likely know the following Truths:

Masks Don’t Work

The Covid Vaccines Have Failed

The Election Was Stolen

Your Entire Election System Has Been Corrupted and Compromisied

Download the Recall Procedures Guide (pdf) California Secretary of State

It’s the new way to socially network, meet new friends and have a Recall Party, i.e. your Right to Assemble

We the People are DONE Debating These Issues

We Will Not Compromise

Save America or Lose America and Your GOD Given Right to Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness



WAYNE ROOT: The Radical Communist Takeover of Our Country. America is Finished…Unless We Move Quickly. Here’s a Solution. (

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