Continued: The Indian Wells Valley is in a serious predicament. Newspapers are MIA. IWVGA and Navy are cooperating, and you’re going to pay!

Thursday July 9, 2020

Ridgecrest, California

The only way to deal with the Water Emergency at this point is to Contact Mick Gleason or Kevin McCarthy and emphasize what is going to result from the Navy’s claim to Federal Reserve Water Rights (FRWR).

The Navy has made the assertion based upon Protocol, not Law. It’s a strategy to effectively give military reservations on BLM Lands water rights/ownership of the land in perpetuity. It’s not like the Nellis AFB case which involved a conflict on land previously owned by Las Vegas and a conflict between the Nevada water laws and Nellis AFB. It didn’t involve water in a drained basin like the Indian Wells Valley.

We are not attorneys, but the implications are clear, this will force groundwater basins to be under the control of the STATE with MILITARY on BLM Land anywhere in the western states.

It’s the Federal Side agreeing with the establishment of SGMA. It is wrong. You have no voice other than with the Indian Wells Valley Water District, it’s that simple.

IWVGA is not looking out for you, the City of Ridgecrest is doing everything it can do to setup Annexation of 395 for a Casino, or something as yet undisclosed by Ron Strand and Peggy Breeden. The Navy continues to hold the Wastewater Treatment Facility on land with an 18 year expiration, though it will likely be renewed in any case. This is a disaster for the IWV, almost a quadruple whammy.

The City Council is keeping you uninformed and nobody is paying attention. There are 25,000 people in this valley and active participants in governance measure in the hundreds.

Three things are happening simultaneously with COVID 19 and elections fast approaching, nothing could be worse for the IWV than the following if your elected and unelected snakes and lizards are successful. Not only will your quality of life continue to deteriorate, so will your property values. Don’t be fooled and open your eyes, these decisions happening under cover of COVID and ELECTIONS will ruin the future potential for any recovery whatsoever. It will only get worse. It’s that bad.

IWVGA is agreeing to cooperate with Navy’s FRWR assertion

From everything that’s NOT being said or done, you aren’t informed (Omission). Papers are MIA or now on Vacation (Nice timing News Review) Pat is retiring sources have said, and there is not any chance for any of us to fight this unless someone at the “top” recognizes the implications. It’s too

Your Losing your water rights in the IWV in a matter of weeks if this isn’t stopped. Everyone is asleep including the newspapers, the Realtors, and the people are uninformed and unaware, even at the state and federal level.

The City is playing games with Man Camps, Casino, Wastewater, and now Annexation with the idea that “growth” is in the IWV’s future.

I can’t think of a worst case scenario that could be anymore damaging to the Indian Wells Valley. It’s that bad, threatens all who live here except poor and the Navy employees. This is going to be an expensive hellhole to live in very soon, and you don’t even realize it.

Nice job boys. Only time will tell but I’m afraid the day when it’s game over are fast approaching. I hope you all will wake up and call your best contacts. Today, not tomorrow. Stop Ron/Peggy/Mick and the “papers” from screwing this valley. It’s probably too late, everyone’s asleep. Sad.


Time to go as we said at the outset of this project, but we’ll keep trying! Push yourself