Why is 5G suddenly an issue for the City of Ridgecrest?

Ridgecrest California, June 16, 2020.

Why does the City of Ridgecrest need 5G and why is this suddenly an issue? Don’t we have enough on our plate with man-camps, earthquake recovery, pandemics and an election just 4 months away?

We heard that Mr. Scott O’Neil of the Indian Wells Valley Economic Development Corporation wrote a letter to the News Review telling us why we need 5G or Ridgecrest will fall behind and end up like the dinosaurs. All of his experts tell us that we need 5G and it’s safe.

Next we get a point-by-point rebuttal letter to Mr. O’Neil from Mr. Mike Neel, who coincidentally is an expert with a background of 33 years in microwave and antenna design science. Mr. O’Neil didn’t ask Mr. Neel because maybe he knew the answer he’d get:

Mr. O’Neil: “High-frequency waves are blocked at the outer layer of the body by the high water content of the skin. The experts I talked to unanimously agree that the health risk of 5G is no worse than that of 4G/LTE”.

Mr. Neel: Now we really need to know who these “experts” are, since this statement is so inaccurate as to be suspect of outright untruth.   The skin does not “block” anything. Some of the radiation is absorbed there, but the radiated power levels are so high that that considerable power will penetrate into the body cavity, where it’s wavelength there will be so small as to present the danger of actually resonating individual cells, along with causing a voltage induced problem that causes excess  calcium transport into cells- something you don’t want.

And now comes this little tidbit from investigative reporter John Solomon at justthenews.com:

The Pentagon has selected seven new military locations for experimentation and testing related to high-speed 5G cellular service. These seven military installations join four bases that were announced last year as locations for testing and one announced in May this year. So now there are now 12 installations that have been chosen to participate in 5G-related activities.

We can guess why Naval Air Warfare Station China Lake (NAWSCL) lost out, but that remains a secret. Perhaps Mr. O’Neil knows the answer. We don’t care why, and we don’t think anyone in Ridgecrest needs 5G. Not now anyway. The military obviously thinks it is important. Maybe those highly intelligent scientific experts on the base know why but they’re not talking.

Mr. O’Neil is doing the talking for the Navy, the DOD and the unnamed experts. If the Navy needs 5G now then he can tell them install the infrastructure behind the fences and let them go on with their business.

Mayor Peggy Breeden was quick to stuff the issue into Committee when it became obvious another controversy was about to erupt. The debate has only just begun.