FEDERAL RESERVE WATER RIGHTS And How The U.S. Navy (NAWSCL) Will Cause the IWV Groundwater Authority to Revise their GSP Allocations (Developing 9/22/2021)

Publisher’s Note 9/22/2021: This Page will be updated with links to put the story together:

U.S. Navy asserts Federal Reserve Water Rights in Two Letters to IWVGA

SGMA and the IWVGA, How China Lake’s Congressman Kevin McCarthy and former NAWSCL Commanding Officer Mick Gleason led the way for Navy, 2013-2020.

Have Kern County Attorney Mr. Phillip Hall represent the IWVGA

Decide which FACTS to HIDE from Attorney’s that ARE suing the State

Mohave Pistachios and Searles Valley Minerals and Indian Wells Valley Water District are Suing IWVGA

IWV Groundwater Authority Groundwater Sustainability Plan (IWVGA-GSP)

PUBLIC NOTICE of Intention to File a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT in the Federal Court of Jurisdiction for Kern County, California as follows: Mike Sinnott, Trustee of the Pauline B. Sinnott Revocable Family Trust, Plaintiff v. Indian Wells Valley Groundwater Authority et al. (roadrunner395.com)

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